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I hope he does something about it


Trump Slams Very Unfair Drug Sentences

The presidents comments could improve the prospects for federal penal reform.

2 Responses to “I hope he does something about it”

  1. nk Says:

    All prison sentences, across the board, are shamefully too long. The prison industry decided to adopt the Mercedes model — fewer prisoners for longer sentences — leaving the Ford market to county jails and probation departments.

  2. JTC Says:

    “…prospects for federal penal reform.”

    Well that sounds like quite the drawn-out process, of course with Trump in the chair things do often move more quickly.

    But a much simpler and more direct method to eliminate jail/prison overcrowding, claims of racism, save a shit-ton of money while righting the wrongs of a simple and beneficial natural herb, is to free all detainees and expunge the records of all current and former inmates who were/are incarcerated for anything to do with marijuana that did not involve violence.

    Easy peasy as the man would say, and that particular man would undoubtedly endorse that plan, maybe get a few more like him to see the logic and reason inherent in the conservative/libertarian mindset…’Ye West can use some brothers and so can we.