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Would be dictators

LA Passes Ordinance Requiring City Contractors To Disclose NRA Ties

This is shameful.

6 Responses to “Would be dictators”

  1. Stretch Says:

    “Are you now or ever believed in the U.S. Constitution?”

  2. mikee Says:

    I remember dimly, from my long-ago high school days, something about a right to freedom of association. Nah, must be mistaken.

  3. comatus Says:

    I don’t want to name names, which is a shame because this guy has an awesome name, but while active in USA Shooting I met the guy who is pretty much the senior state civil engineer for that entire area. Helps put on precision events, active in LAR&R, his son went to college on a shooting scholarship. From the looks of it, this would be the man they expect to enforce their anti-gun law.

  4. Guy J. Sagi Says:

    Unfortunately, that senior state civil engineer will probably be replaced by a liberal yes man.

  5. Erik Says:

    To bad thag memberships are protected as long as itís not a treat to national security.

  6. TS Says:

    The good news is the article says the resolution does not *ban* NRA linked contractors from doing business with the city- but rather the city counsel that just voted 10-0 in favor of this crap gets to decide whether they keep or lose the contract…