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The Trumpening

Well, he’s proving to be more of small government guy than I thought: Trump eliminates pay raises for civilian federal employees

8 Responses to “The Trumpening”

  1. Lyle Says:

    It’s a start, I suppose, though we should be careful not to insinuate a lack of a pay raise as being a reduction in the size of government.

    Eliminating half of the departments would be a great start. All they ever do is mess with us anyway, and otherwise get in the way, and gum up the works, eating out our very productive capacity, and then lie about it. They then have the nerve and arrogance to call it a public service, taking credit for what little we’re still able to do after they’ve hindered us, and they expect gratitude and praise instead of mockery, fines and jail sentences.

    Get a job, Freeloaders. Your evil, coercive system will not live forever, and when the reckoning comes you’ll want to be far away from it.

  2. JTC Says:

    More of a continuation than just a start, in spite of the most concentrated campaign of political obstruction in the history of America.

    And one of DT’s first EO’s, that any new federal regulation requires eliminating two old ones, is aimed directly at just the halving that you mention.

    Of course plenty of obstruction of that too.

    But like Unc’s example here, one hell of a lot of real action and progress has been made, but those who should report on that are a big part of the whole obstruction agenda, so…

  3. Lyle Says:

    “…the most concentrated campaign of political obstruction in the history of America.”

    That you can remember, you mean. Certainly the Civil War would have exceeded anything that’s happening today, for example. People say that things have reached an unprecedented level of evil, obstruction, lies and obfuscation, only because they can’t remember every single day that has elapsed since 1776.

    All that’s changed in any significant sense is that today we can, if we look for it,more easily find alternative sources of information and ideas.

    The leftist agitators of, say, the beginning of the broadcast radio era up until the 1980s or ’90s simply did the same things they’re doing today, but without any readily observable opposition or correction in media. We just took their lying word for it, is the difference. If we look outside the U.S., the papacy of the Dark Ages managed to kill millions of its opponents, and all without firearms or explosives, and with virtual complete support from the various governments. The rise of Marxist ideals starting in the 1800s managed to kill hundreds of millions more.

    You ain’t seen nothin’ here, yet. We’re still playing pat-a-cake with the authoritarians, and so they’re just playing their own version of pat-a-cake with us. They have not begun to slaughter us because we have not begun to oppose them.

  4. JTC Says:

    That we have not as yet begun to oppose them at least acknowledges that there is a final act as yet unwritten, but we best get to writing.

    The evil committed throughout history in the name of religious and other “ideals” is of course why there is an America, but granted we did our best to emulate it in the mid 1800’s. The genocide and appropriation perpetrated against half of the people by the First Rino to accomplish the latter in the cold and deceitful name of freeing some others, takes a backseat to no despot anywhere anytime in that history.

    And in spite of -or because of- the modern dissemination of disinformation, few understand that history…but I submit that the events of today are on course to repeat it.

  5. Paul Says:

    As Glenn Reynolds opines:

    “The deal used to be that Federal workers traded high pay for virtually guaranteed job security. Now they get better pay than almost anyone else, automatic pay raises most years, and they’re not only virtually un-fireable, but can’t or won’t be held to account even for criminal activity. And at least at the top echelons, have developed an attitude problem to go with their perceived invincibility.”

  6. JTC Says:

    BTW, the “That you can remember, you mean.” is slightly offensive. You don’t have to live history to know it and learn from it, else every day would be Groundhog Day…which it arguably is to much of what passes for our electorate…that is largely why fake news, academia, and the rest of the proglodyte consortium is so successful at what they do.

    But that is unlikely to be true for most of the readership hereabouts, and it is on us to “educate” as many as possible. Can the gratuitous digs, dude.

  7. pkoning Says:

    A better change would be to eliminate pay raises for legislators (and judges). Also for Fed officials. That might help them understand that inflation is robbery.
    As for eliminating half the departments, yes, that would be a modest start. The Constitutionally mandated target is probably closer to 99%, certainly well above 90%.

  8. Publius Says:

    It’s a start.