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Programming note

I’ll be out for a bit with the holiday and all. Talk amongst yourselves.

5 Responses to “Programming note”

  1. Old NFO Says:

    Enjoy the down time!

  2. Lyle Says:

    So, “Labor” Day, is it? Ah yes; the result of Progressive Marxist/authoritarian creep into the American psyche, to the extent that we no longer even question it but rather fight endlessly and bitterly over nothing but the manner, speed and degree of its implementation. The “Labor Party” (perhaps we should call it the “Socialist Workers’ Party”) must have its “day” at our expense;

    “Sol…idarity Forev…er…”

    The Soviets would be proud, reflecting on the wonderful opportunities for mass plunder, rape and murder which are unleashed by socialist thinking. But they would also be somewhat frustrated, wondering why we still arenít fully “getting it on”.

    This wasn’t supposed to take so long. By the time they got Woodrow Wilson elected I suppose they thought they had it in the bag (the fundamental Transformation of America had began in earnest, officially), yet here we are more than 100 years later and we’re still debating whether we have any remaining right to live, think, speak, own property, move about and choose our path in life, while the authorities know better and should therefore be calling all the shots (even the conservatives speak of the president as “running” the country, for example).

  3. JK Brown Says:

    So much in this. Oregon state officials are going after Walmart for illegally refusing to sell a lawful rifle to an 18-yr old.

    Walmart Illegally Discriminated Against 18-to-20-Year-Old Gun Buyer, Oregon Antidiscrimination Agency Alleges

    The gun grabbers have to be really confused.

  4. Ron W Says:

    @Lyle, just add “National” to the “Socialist Workers’Party” which in 30’s and 40’s Germany was abbreviated, NAZI. Oh but that’s what they call consevatives, Constitutionalists and pro Liberty people now. Like one of their main gurus taught, “accuse your opponents of what you do”.

  5. Lyle Says:

    @Ron; you are correct of course, but I left out “National” because so many of new radical leftists today are not nationalist so much as globalist. So we’d have to say “Global Socialist Workers’ Party”. But then not a lot of them actually work, so it’ll have to be “Global Socialist Freeloaders Party” or something like that.

    “Workers” used to be the life-long coal diggers and such, who saw themselves (wrongly) as owned by the company while having no other options in life (also wrongly), and wanted to be owned by government with no options in life instead.

    What do we call them when they no longer work or even know how to work? “Plunderers” I guess, but “Global Socialist Plunderers Party” doesnít carry that sense of virtue of “workers” they stitched into that German party in the 1930s. Iím sure theyíd rather call themselves the “Social Justice Party” or the “Global Justice Party”. Thatíd make a decent pretense for all the plundering thatís yet to come. Who can oppose “justice”, after all?