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Gun stuff

What to do with the 6.8?

5 Responses to “Gun stuff”

  1. Lyle Says:

    There’s no right answer. If you want a 6.8 then re-barrel it. If not, get rid of it or repurpose it.

    The “future of the cartridge” has nothing to do with it. That’s a nonsensical metric. You can load for it and fire it as much as you want for as long as you live, and your children and grandchildren could do the same, without regard to how popular it is with anyone else.

  2. HL Says:

    Ditch the bitch.

  3. one-eyed Jack Says:

    I have a Stag 6.8 upper for deer hunting. No issues at all. Jack.

  4. PaperworkNinja Says:

    I bought a 6.8 upper from Bison Armory a few years ago. I’m still in the midst of building the lower for it due to home-related expense upon home-related expense that takes up my time and money.

    But it will be built into a fine short-range deer rifle for the states around Illinois and coyote rifle for within Illinois.

  5. Jailer Says:

    If the chamber is tight, run a reamer in it to clean it up.