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Probably because, even in this incoherent rant, you’re still asking men for permission

And you’re a bigot: Why can’t we hate men?

Shut up, sugar tits.

A more sensible woman weighs in.

3 Responses to “Probably because, even in this incoherent rant, you’re still asking men for permission”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Adam failed Eve by not telling her to put the fruit down. It’s been downhill ever since. And yes; men do share in the culpability, by failing to correct the women appropriately.

    “No, I will not partake! We were warned! Put down the fruit, Eve, and ask God for forgiveness!” should have been the admonition, but Adam went along and, well, here we are. Who should hate whom for that mutual mistake? Adam could blame Eve for being deceived and in turn trying to lead Adam astray, or Eve could just as well blame Adam for not stopping her. Which one should have known better?

    They both broke the law. So now we have to deal with it. But apparently we’d rather listen to the sweet lies of serpents than to the hard truth.

    According to some, Adam and Eve weren’t kicked out of the Garden, but rather they “grew up and left”. That’s the serpent’s point of view.

    These radical “feminists” speak the serpent’s language, and that would be OK for them (it’s a free country and all). The problem is that we’re being forced to subsidize the bitches. That means they’re insulting us while eating out of our hands. Typical. If they had to support themselves they wouldn’t have time for so much complaining and finger-pointing.

  2. nk Says:

    Why canít we hate men?

    Cause The Matriarchy ain’t got nuffin’ that men haven’t given it, honey, except that one physical attribute that keeps us from putting a bounty on you. IYKWIMAITYD

  3. HL Says:

    She is free to do whatever she wants, except ask me to pay for it.