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Just Five?

The Top 5 Media Misrepresentations of Gun Ownership (That are Actually Totally Normal)

4 Responses to “Just Five?”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Good article.

    It’s easier to write an article about the top five media misrepresentations. Covering, say, the top fifty thousand misrepresentations would take rather more time and effort.

  2. Huck Says:

    EVERYTHING that the propagandists spew about gun ownership is lies. “Misrepresentation” is just another term for LIE.

  3. Lyle Says:

    I think that, perhaps, what the writer may not understand is that the few leaders-in-media driving all this misrepresentation are fully aware of everything he said, and more. In other words, they aren’t simply wrong, or misinformed. They’re liars, who have very much done their due diligence in opposition research. Big difference.

    You deal with the uniformed, the ignorant and the misguided in one way, which is to politely inform them. After that, we can assume that they’ll no longer be uninformed, nor misguided, and that everything will therefore be alright.

    On the other hand, you deal with pathological, lying, bastard enemies and sons and daughters of bitches in quite a different way, which is to fully expose the truth about their lies and their tactics of perpetual lies, fully exposing their motives and ultimate goals. Motives – goals – tactics, as revealed by decades of behavior. Arrests, prosecutions and convictions for actual deprivations of rights are also very much on the table. Such people are predators, and to treat them as though they are anything else means your undoing— it is a failure to comprehend the tactical situation.

    This is where, when the NRA does fall flat, they fall utterly flat. Same goes for the entire Republican Party. Or it that also intentional, such that we’re looking at a false dichotomy designed to produce a pre-determined outcome (“Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis”)?

  4. Sigivald Says:

    A top 5 is always “just 5”.

    Otherwise it’d be a “top N”.