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Bump stock stuff

Final Comments On Bump Stock Device Rulemaking, Federal Register Number 2018-06292

Slidefire is apparently concerned as their website says:

ALL SALES FINAL On Sunday, May 20, 2018 at midnight CDT, Slide Fire will cease taking orders for its products and shut down its website. Orders placed prior to May 20th, 2018 will all be processed and shipped. We thank you for your support.

5 Responses to “Bump stock stuff”

  1. JTC Says:

    Commented yesterday at DBD…

    “SlideFire pretty much invented the bump stock business…and they’ve just announced that will cease accepting orders and shut down their website 5/20.

    They are a goofy and kind of crappy novelty accessory, but like any toy fun to play with for a while, with no permanent alteration of your rifle.

    So for no effective reason at all, in fact in spite of former determinations of fedgov (atf) itself, they are being drummed out of business, and in some states are already outright banned. I can’t begin to tell you how painful it is to see my heretofore gun rights friendly state of Florida on that short list of commie strongholds like Cali, NY, and Mass…but there it was when I checked their site for no-go zones.

    So anyway. If you’ve got an extra $180 laying around (resellers are hustling them on g-broker for up to $500) and want to stick it to the man for telling you he doesn’t think you should have something you probably wouldn’t even want otherwise (same ironically unintended sales pitch that sold 100 million actual shootin’ irons in the last ten years or so), then go to the slide-fire website and order one. I would if I could, just because.”

  2. mikee Says:

    Back during the Assault Weapons Ban days, I saw a clearance-rack folding stock for a Ruger10/22. It was black rubber and metal – and I got it for a lark.

    With that and my Butler Creek 25 round magazines, my harmless 10/22 became an anti-Dianne-Feinstein political statement at the range. Sure, I couldn’t get a good sight picture or cheek weld on the metal bars of the folding stock, and the 25 round magazines jammed much more often than the 10 round rotary mag, but I was stickin’ it to the antigunners (who of course never knew that).

    I should have spent my $100 on more ammo back then.
    I will buy ammo now, this time, not another craptastic novelty item.

  3. wizardpc Says:

    The difference this time, mikee, is that your 25 round magazine didn’t become a 25 year felony.

  4. SPM Says:

    Enter the man with a bag full of anti tilt followers and a spot welder.

  5. JTC Says:

    mikee, seems then as now that the point eluded you entirely.