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Trump administration loosening gun export regulations

From The Hill:

The Trump administrations expected plan to transfer the licensing of gun exports from the State Department to the Commerce Department has Democratic lawmakers and foreign policy advocates readying for a fight.

The proposal under review by the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) has yet to be made public, but experts fear it will lead to less oversight of commercial sales of assault weapons like submachine guns and flame throwers to foreign buyers.

Less oversight, they warn, could make it easier for deadly weapons to end up in the hands of terrorists and drug cartels.

Experts? And this:

The goal is to reduce regulatory burdens on manufacturers and exporters.

I have no problem with this.

9 Responses to “Trump administration loosening gun export regulations”

  1. Tim Says:

    Less oversight…….could make it easier for deadly weapons to end up in the hands of terrorists and drug cartels.

    Like Fast & Furious oversight? That kind?

  2. John Hardin Says:

    Export regulations? What about import regulations?

  3. SPQR Says:

    It’s the State Depto that has put many small shops out of business by demanding expensive licenses by manufacturers and broadly defining manufacturer.

  4. Sendarius Says:

    From my experiences trying to buy firearms components online for shipping to Australia:

    1. The vendor has to have a license to sell overseas
    2. The manufacturer has to have a license for that particular product to be sold overseas
    3. I have to supply an end-user certificate
    4. The vendor has to obtain an export permit, which won’t be issued if there is less than six months validity on the end-user certificate.
    5. Certain classes of items are (arbitrarily, it seems) restricted from export – like scopes, laser sights, and some firearm parts

    All this on top of the onerous import and ownership restrictions applied by Australian authorities.

    Sometimes having shooting as a hobby seems just too damn difficult – which is undoubtedly the intent of the burdens.

  5. RandyGC Says:

    “Experts? ”

    I’m sure they are all top men. Top. Men.

  6. Fred Says:

    Like the war on some drugs, nobody who wants a regulated/illegal item has been more than mildly inconvenienced in it’s acquisition by US rules. End the stupid regs on everything, fire the stupid people who make the regs, oh and, why not burn DC to ground while we’re at it?

  7. John C Stephens Says:

    DC’s been burned to the ground before, in 1812. It grew back.

  8. Joe Potosky Says:

    Shotguns are controlled by the state department. Try importing a shotgun for repairs going through the state department. Also, they don’t give the same money exemptions in regard to export of rifle and pistol parts.

  9. Fz Says:

    more concerned about import restrictions.

    I want to get more cheap 7N6 ammo, by the spam can, at 2002 prices.

    Then I might get tired of the winning.