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Army selects holster for the modular handgun system

It’s made by Safariland.

3 Responses to “Army selects holster for the modular handgun system”

  1. Heath J Says:

    Ya know, it’s a neat little pistol and I’m happy they picked it, but like the M9, it’s just going to get beaten to death and hardly ever fired (other than by staff NCOs and officers that want that cute marksmanship badge to balance out the rifle one.

  2. Tim Says:

    Thatís true for most military gear, Heath. And depending on who our ďalliesĒ are in future conflicts, itís always useful to have a sidearm when they have an Ďaloha-snackbarí outburst at the HQ.

  3. Bill Robelen Says:

    You are missing the largest group to carry pistols in the Army. Every tank crewmember carries one as his weapon, as well as many machine gun operators.