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House passes National Reciprocity

Yay. And on to the Senate, where I have my doubts.

It has attached to it the Fix NICS amendment, and there are apparently some concerns that it expands the list of prohibited persons. But that claim doesn’t appear to be valid.

And also HAHA!

I had a bunch of links to the PSH about this bill but it got to be too much. But you can get a taste at The Gun Feed.

11 Responses to “House passes National Reciprocity”

  1. Michael Says:

    This Paul Nehlen – Steve Bannon nexus of pushing bad conspiracy theories will do more to hurt our cause than anything the Dems will pass in DC over the next decade.

  2. Ron W Says:

    I get worried if the Feds have more legislation to meddle with our guns, especially the basic human right to carry the means of self defense on our PERSON. The Federal Government has NO delegated powers over OUR guns, just over THEIR guns, that is, only over those who are EMPLOYED in its service. (Article I, Section 8.16)

    Otherwise, the 14th Amendment applies ALL of the Bill of Rights to ALL States.

  3. JTC Says:

    Comments disabled on older posts now?

    Well shit. That’s not good for the slow-witted among us.

  4. KM Says:

    The senate will do what they do best…sit on their thumbs and rotate.

  5. Mike V Says:

    Requiring states to give “Full Faith and Credit” to each other’s carry permits seems like a good idea unless the Republicans let Reciprocity gets stripped away and the NICS fix is all that passes. In which case, I think it’s time for the Republican Party to the way of the Whigs.

  6. Paul Koning Says:

    Ron, agreed, and in addition the plain words of the 2nd amendment apply it to the states as well. (Unlike the 1st which says “Congress shall make no law…”) And indeed on rare occasions courts have recognized this; Stephen Halbrook cites a Texas Supreme Court ruling from around 1840 that said so explicitly.

  7. Ron W Says:

    Paul Konig, as you probably know, the 2nd Amendment and the others in the Bill of Rights are, according to the Preamble to the Bill of Rights, DECLARATIVE of pre-existing rights and addressing the Federal Government that they are invioable. And you are right, the beginning subordinate clause in the sentence states the purpose of the right of the People as being necessary to the SECURITY (not hunting or target shooting) of a FREE State. The People themselves, as evidenced by quotes of the founders are “the militia” and so the firearms are those of a military nature which a FREE People may choose to keep and bear (carry).

    These “added clauses” to which the Bill of Rights Preamble refers were to “prevent abuses and usurpations” since the Federal Government may lawfully do NOTHING beyond its delegated powers, one of which I mentioned in my previous #2 comment. That is a reason “militia” is used to refer to Article I, Section 8.16 which restricts the Federal Government’s delegated power to “such Part of them” , the militia, as may “be EMPLOYED in its service.” Therefore ALL Federal gun laws that infringe on “the right of the People” who are not employed in its service are UNLAWFUL.

  8. Rivrdog Says:

    Uncle, you are correct only as long as Trump or Pence remains able to appoint the head of BATFE. The Genie in “Fix NICS” will remain in the bottle for now, BUT, on the ascension of a Dummocrat to POTUS, that Genie is released, and the 2A goes away in large chunks.

  9. Bruce Says:

    Up here in Montana I’m facing amazing negative press. Lots of police type people worried about how they’ll validate out of state permits…. In a state that doesn’t require a permit unless you are in the city limits. Maroons are everywhere.

  10. rickn8or Says:

    Bruce, I would imagine they’d validate them the same way they validate out-of-state driver’s licenses. But that’s just me.

  11. MrSatyre Says:

    I’m actually not terribly excited about national reciprocity simply because non-US states, such as CA, NJ, CT, MA, etc. will just go out of there way to make even more insane and unworkable local anti 2A laws, which will make it impossible for any law-abiding out-of-stater to go anywhere with their otherwise legal CCW. Hell, just look at some of the more 2A-friendly states, like NC which makes it a bona fide felony to carry in someone’s home if they don’t want you to—never mind simply being asked to leave and not doing so being a misdemeanor everywhere else, or Texas, where it’s a felony to CCW in any property with a prominently displayed No Guns sign (makes traveling and booking hotels a hassle, as you are forced to do it over the phone instead of online, as hotel chains rarely advertise their 2A policies).