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There’s derp

And then there’s dangerous derp.

4 Responses to “There’s derp”

  1. Mr Arkie Says:

    Someone actually paid to participate in that stupidity?

  2. Jim Says:

    Neither Brandon Lee nor Jon Eric Hexum could be reached for comment

  3. Lyle Says:

    In a W.W. II training film, they showed the firing of live ammo from a machinegun over the heads of trainees as they crawled through obstacles. The idea of course was get them accustomed to being fired upon, so they didn’t shit their pants over it when things got serious in theater. During that same time period, the air field near Boise, Idaho would occasionally see one of their trainees drill a hole in a field with his plane. The first thing theyíd do after something like that was to get as many of the pilots into the air as possible, because you didnít shrink away in fear at the sight of death. You moved.

    That new video is mild by comparison.

    Today we have a much different concept of “safety” from they had back then, entirely because of litigation, insurance companies, and the run-away costs of medical care due to government interference and graft.

    Do as you like. That video doesn’t bother me. It may be dumb, but I donít see it as “dangerous” except from the point of view of a fussy old woman who runs on fear (which I both understand and reject). Shit, I climb trees and shoot deer from them. No doubt my fussy old mother, and her fussy old mother before her, would have been mortified. So what? Maybe some day Iíll die doing something fun like that, or maybe Iíll die as a wrinkled, slobbering old man in bed with tubes in my chest and diaper. Which would you rather?

    That idea of “safety first” was made up by lawyers, as a pre-emptive, get-out-of-litigation slogan. If anyone, let’s say a police department, were to fully embrace the idea, theyíd stay home. Thatís the best way to ensure everyone makes it through the day (until you die of complications related to a sedentary life). If it’s “safety first” all day every day, you don’t get anything done. I suppose that’s the goal for some peopleó keeping us back on our heels and walking on eggshells.

  4. Fin Says:

    I agree with Lyle. Some of you pussies have never fired a gun at anything but paper.