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Yes. But they are fun to shoot.

Are Revolvers Pass?

I have a revolver. A Ruger Match Champion. It is hands-down my favorite gun to shoot at the range. I’d never seriously consider carrying it every day. It’s heavy and only holds six shots. The M&P is fairly light and holds 18 BBs.

I’ve considered a pocket revolver but I’m thinking a single stack 9mm would be better.

8 Responses to “Yes. But they are fun to shoot.”

  1. mikee Says:

    My favorite gun to shoot is a youth model single shot 22LR bolt action rifle with a cheap 4x scope. It cost $65 new, on clearance at Walmart, and had an unexpectedly nice trigger. Not practical for anything other than fun plinking at a range (I don’t shoot squirrels, but that would be the only other use for it.)

    I am not expecting a revival of popularity for single shot rimfires, but will continue to enjoy mine. And that is all that really matters, marketing and sales be damned.

  2. Robert Evans Says:

    I’m inclined to think that a full-sized revolver is best suited to the bedside drawer of someone who’s not really into guns yet still wants a gun nearby – – sort of the firearm equivalent of a fire extinguisher, totally ignored until really needed.

  3. Steve Vaujin Says:

    I am of the opinion that you should own and shoot what you like and what feels good in your hand. If it feels awkward or you don’t like it, you are probably never going to shoot it well.

    Not trying to start a flame war,
    I have shot multiple types and never liked the Glock. Just my preference. Hated the trigger, not fond of how it felt in my hand. Just me, I’ll stick to my 1911’s. Really never liked wheel guns either until I shot a Dan Wesson. Now I own a .44 and am wanting a .357.

    I know several shooters who deer hunt with their revolvers. So more uses than bedside table.

  4. poobie Says:

    To each his own, I suppose. those S&W Airweight .38s and .357s are well made, nice looking guns, but I can’t shoot them anywhere near as well as a single stack nine. I don’t love the Shield, but it points well, has been flawless through the ~500 rounds I’ve managed to put through it, and conceals almost as well as the Airweight would. I need to get more time in with it, but I don’t enjoy shooting it as much as my P320. I really should get the sub compact kit for that one…

  5. The Neon Madman Says:

    Same here. My favorite handgun to shoot is my old K38 Masterpiece. Not much to look at, but shoots well and I can reload .38 for next to nothing.

  6. H Says:

    Unk, have a lookit the Sig 938. Me likey mine a lot. Single stack 8-shot 9mm flatter than a 5-shot snub and about the same size. Night sights and ambi safety are standard equipment.

  7. Paul Says:

    I find the J frame revolvers very useful for CCW. Usually a ‘Hot Jocks’ or ‘Thunderwear’ while jogging or a IWB made for appendix carry. I use the 642 (with no lock) for this. Otherwise I pack a Glock in a OWB behind the hip carry.

    The larger revolvers I use in the woods hiking. I can have bird shot, waddcutters, or full loads in different chambers. Just cycle the action a time to two for the right load (for the right situation) to come up.

    As for ‘knife to a gun fight’ it’s the FIRST shots that count the most. No matter what you carry, 5 shooter or 15, remember that.

    Speed is fine, accuracy is final.

  8. jerry the geek Says:

    the best concealed carry gun is one that you carry. Other pistols or revolvers may be more ‘deadly’ or be more ‘effective’ but the .45 ACP in your nightstand is not as effective as the .22 short revolver in your trouser pocket.