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But I read on the internet that revolvers were always reliable

My Revolver Stopped Revolving

2 Responses to “But I read on the internet that revolvers were always reliable”

  1. Shooter Says:

    My claim to fame in the gun world is that I have somehow broken a Ruger GP100 (ejector got bent and locked up the cylinder), a Remington 870 (ejector/spring broke off), and had an AK that failed to feed almost every magazine. This was all within 1-2 years of becoming a gun owner – before I learned that revolvers never fail and AKs shoot every time.

  2. Lyle Says:

    Yep. I’ve had even the simplest, single action revolver break a hand spring, twice, and another that broke a bolt spring. Another had its bolt eventually rub the hammer cam off (soft steel, no excuse, but it happened). All those failures render the gun inoperative until parts can be replaced.

    The Ruger Single Six I got new a couple years ago threw the front sight on the first outing. One loose screw. It happens, even on a revolver, which should have a force-field around it to prevent such simple and common mishaps. Oh, and a Uberti 44 I got the year before did the same thing. Its magic revolver force-field failed also. I had to stop shooting to tighten the screw, but then found that the countersink was too deep and had to shim it in the field before the sight would stay put.

    I do still have the first handgun I ever bought, a Taurus snub nose, five-shot 38. I’ve fired cases and cases and cases of ammo, including a little +P, through that cheap DAO, and it’s never needed repaired. It’s getting really sloppy but it still works. The fixed sights were well-regulated too, out of the box. Its worst failure was a primer set-back, due to a squib load, that momentarily tied up the cylinder. Gun dealer friends tell me that Taurus revolvers are so frequently sent back for repairs that they’ve either quit selling them or they’ve thought about it, but that one model 85 that I got in the 1990s has been a champ. Good force-field. Who knew?