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The Drawbacks of a Subcompact Single-Stack 9mm

If you can carry a full sized gun, you probably should. But some times you can’t.

5 Responses to “News you can use”

  1. mikee Says:

    I own a Glock 42, the .380, because I never believed Glock would fulfill their promise of a subcompact single stack 9mm. I was wrong by less than 12months. I’m glad I got my pocket pistol, now.

    It took a lot of ammo to get used to the tiny grips of the 42. And I still shoot it worse than the bigger 19. Just adequately. Those targets you see without noses at View From The Porch blog? Mine have acne and ear piercings.

    I suspect a snappier 43 in 9mm would require even more practice to achieve “barely adequate” at the range. Lots more. As it is, my .380 is in my pocket every day and I’m confident I can hit the chosen side of a barn if necessary.

  2. emdfl Says:

    That’s funny because I found that I can shoot both my Smith M3913 and 3914 better then my full size 39-2.

  3. Deaf Smith Says:

    I have the Glock 43, 42 plus S&W J frames. Sure they have fewer shots but there are times I just can’t pack a Glock 22 or Colt 1911 Commander (as I do sometimes.)

  4. Charles Says:

    I tire of the articles claiming some popular carry handgun is underpowered and should not be carried. Well, all handguns are suboptimal for self defense. Given and choice, I want a rifle or shotgun when the SHTF. There are times when a very small, discrete, handgun is the only thing that works. For me, a Ruger LCP is the perfect answer in those cases. Sometimes I can get by carrying a Sig P226. Nice, but not always. There are times when I wish I could carry a full rifle. Not often, but sometimes. Unfortunately that option is not practical and often not legal.

  5. JTC Says:

    Funny how a good self-defense article devolves into Rambo-speak so quickly. Wonder what those guys would say to my (always secondary and sometimes primary) NAA22LR?