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All the lumens

Les Jones, who is no longer blogging, once said something to the effect of A Mag Light is a gateway drug to a serious flashlight addiction. Well, I think this guy has reached peak addiction.

2 Responses to “All the lumens”

  1. Jim Says:

    Ok, its been over a decade, I can tell this story. I was working in and around Kabul a few years ago. One of the big, bad, brawlers was once a SureFire sales rep. Educated fellow and the son of a federal legislator type but he looked like he would be more at home swinging a broad sword on a battlefield 1000 years ago.

    As a SureFire rep, he had access to samples of their entire inventory. He used this access to demonstrate and photograph all that the company offered. He used his girlfriend as a flashlight support. More specifically, he took CANDID flashlight pics.

    She didn’t use her hands to hold the light. And he shared the pics with his coworkers.

    I can’t even pick one up without giggling a bit.

  2. mikee Says:

    Here’s my 10 foot pole, even with which I am NOT going to touch the above comment.

    I bought a Surefire G2 (in yellow) on a whim, not knowing what the brand was about, at McBride’s Gun Shop in Austin, I guess when they first started being sold. It was one of my better decisions.

    A bright yellow flashlight. Which was easy to find in the dark. Like when I didn’t have a flashlight and needed one. Why this topic, the color of the flashlight, isn’t discussed with regard to finding one in the dark, when one needs a flashlight, amuses me.

    I have never been cool, let alone tacticool. But I can find my flashlight in the truck’s console in low light, or in the desk at home when the power goes out.