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Have we reached peak social issues?

Or can we?

When I was the age millennials are now, there were only a few social issues that I recall people caring much about:

Gun control
Tipper Gore and her war on rap lyrics
Every once in a while some religious person would call for sodomy bans
Gay rights
The crusade against drunk driving

Since I was that age, it seems that most of those matters have been “settled”. I mean, legally. And gun control was a close one. We’re winning but I don’t think we’re about two more court cases away from it being settled. But I digress. A few activists in the other categories just went away. When’s the last time anyone heard from Tipper?

But some stuck around. MADD is now, basically, promoting prohibition.

And the LGBT groups started focusing on the T, which is such a small percentage of the population that I doubt anyone will care. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it. It doesn’t affect me and they’re not bothering me. But I do wonder if it’s a good idea to be all inclusive at what may be the expense of enabling a mental disorder. I digressed again. Sorry about that.

The race baiters and feminist warriors would disagree but I don’t think either of those isms is all that prevalent today. It’s to the extent that they have to make up things like “cultural appropriation” and “privilege”. Those terms are absolutely meaningless to me in anyway. I’m supposed to feel bad because I have “white privilege” and “male privilege”. Fuck right off. No one ever brings up “Asian privilege” or “Jewish privilege”. And those two groups do pretty well in our country. And the whole word salad of words like “triggered”, “safe spaces” and “microaggressions” and other meaningless terms that a whole generation is using kinda frightens me. Because they riot over this stuff. More digressing.

So, some social issues appear to be solved, legally. Some activists go away and some stick around. I mean, the race baiters will never go away. And, show of hands, whenever you see a headline that says some racist or sexist act was committed, do you generally believe it? Or do you think it’s likely fake? Yup, digressed again.

Why do some stick around? I’d posit that it’s because some people make a career out of it. Someone gets paid to advocate for gun control. Same with gun rights. And race baiting and so on. What say you?

I mean, if you’re doing this to make money, why not pick a truly impossible cause like peace in the middle east. Oh, wait.

12 Responses to “Have we reached peak social issues?”

  1. uscitizen Says:

    A thoughtful piece.

    Strikes close to the core of the ‘issue’ de jour.

  2. mikee Says:

    Think of activists as proxies for authoritarians versus supporters of individual rights. It clears up a lot of confusion. Today’s SJWs are useful idiots, just like back when the Soviets and the US used proxies, from Nicaragua to Afghanistan to Vietnam, in attempts to cause each other pain at relatively low cost to themselves. May the SJWs end their time as a social presence as peacefully and with less after-affects than the nasty old Soviet Empire.

  3. Don Says:

    Don’t forget that Joe Bob Briggs formed a group in Dallas around 1984ish call Drunks Against Mad Mothers (DAMM).

    Since you’re reminiscing about MADD.

  4. Tim Says:

    “It doesn’t affect me and they’re (LGBTWXYZ SJWs) not bothering me.”

    If they aren’t ‘bothering’ you yet, just wait. This has nothing to do with which bathroom people piss in. It has EVERYTHING to do with directing your thoughts, your speech, your faith (if any), public policy, and how tax dollars are spent.

    Ignore them at your own peril.

  5. JK Brown Says:

    The T may become an issue for you when your kids get into high school and want to compete in sports or dress out for gym.

  6. JTC Says:

    Tim and JK,

    Yep, they don’t give a fuck about you (do they even do that anymore?).

    It’s for the children.

  7. HL Says:

    There is a coming debate…though I do not know if it is really a social issue. The progs will frame it as one.

    In the near future…probably within 10 years, we will be fighting for our right to drive or even own cars.

    There will be a movement to outlaw human driving…because robots can do it better, and safer. When safety is discussed, it’s always about children and “minorities”.

    Big-Auto will demand a law that requires everyone to own a robo-car. Big-Left and Big-Monorail will want a law that bans all private car ownership, because privilege and sustainability, and because if the Robo-Uber is behind the wheel, or you are on the hover-train, you will have more time to Faceberg and do Amy Schumer coloring books.

    It will be interesting to see where local government comes down on it. Will they support the movement? They love control…but they love revenue too…how will they replace the lost fines for speeding, parking violations, registration, etc?

  8. HL Says:

    I should add, they will derisively call us “Mobilists” at first…then “Fascists”. We will call them “left-wing fucktards” the whole time.

  9. HL Says:

    And a point on Tipper…though I did not agree with the PMRC, she was in a tough spot. Arguing for family values while married to the Temple Priest of Enviro-Communism, and serving on so many LGBTQWERTY committees?

    She and Hillary stayed up late, very late, every night, working with the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt to resolve their conflicts (Tipper’s, in favor of preserving family values while destroying family values, and Hillary’s for being a strong supporter of black people’s Civil rights while also strongly supporting the organization founded and devoted to aborting them into oblivion).

  10. James Says:

    Unfortunately Social Marxists have embraced a concept of ‘Intersectionality’ (look it up on wiki).

    This subset of activism can never be satisfied. They make alliances with other personal identity factions, even if the core principles they intend to align with are slightly or completely against their real or imagined oppression. An example would be BLM and LBGT activists elevating Palestinian feminist activist Linda Sarsour, even though her faith is fine with subjugation of women and chunking gays off of roof tops. Or a gay pride parade evicting a Jewish gay group from their march.

    Peak SJW is way down the road.

  11. dustydog Says:

    Upcoming social issues: robots putting the squeeze on manual laborers. Artificial intelligence putting the squeeze on white collar workers.

    Rich people with armed robot guards -> private robot arms -> robot police -> totalitarian dreams of disarming/imprisoning/murdering/starving the deplorables becomes feasible.

    Childbearing quotas for unemployed women

  12. Richard Says:

    Progressives “progress”. As soon as they get one thing, they want something else. So we will never see an end to it.