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Smith and Wesson Buys GemTech

So reports RecoilWeb:

Gemtech, the Worlds Leader in Silencers, now has the backing of the most powerful company in the firearms industry: Smith & Wesson. Combined with the outstanding companies of American Outdoor Brands Corporation, this strengthens the decades old team that is Gemtech.

Very cool. I am a customer of each.

2 Responses to “Smith and Wesson Buys GemTech”

  1. Paul Koning Says:

    I still remember when S&W needed to be boycotted. I hope they’ve learned their lesson since then.

  2. Patrick Says:

    The latest sign that the GOP will push silencers over carry reciprocity: just follow the money. S&W getting ahead of big new market about to open.

    Reciprocity is dead, despite promises by The Donald.