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The gunternet of things

Way back in the early days of gun blogging, there debates about gun and ammo selection. You know, Glock v 1911; 45ACP v 9mm. And others. And your gun sucked and you were holding it wrong. AK and AR etc. This was when words like poodleshooter were used.

Then, one day, it seemed like all the people that would be considered in the know on how to shoot stuff started carrying black plastic guns, in 9mm, that hold lots of bullets. Usually Glock 19s.

Good thing gun culture on the internet survived as long as it did.

This is true.

And the next change we’ll see gain acceptance is that of the superiority of Kydex holsters. What better thing to put your black plastic gun in than a black plastic holster?

7 Responses to “The gunternet of things”

  1. Publius Says:

    True, but I had an HK that I dearly loved, until I sold it because I had to move to the Chicago area but didn’t know where I was going to find an apartment (turns out I needn’t have worried). Not into the Kydex thing, although a drop-leg holster like that would have been pretty cool (if a bit operator-ish)

  2. aerodawg Says:

    Yep. As long as you aren’t buying bargain basement junk, all the modern, polymer, striker fired service pistols are about the same. Pick what you like best and roll on.

    I’ve been sold on Kydex for a while though, both in hybrid form and solid kydex….

  3. KM Says:

    Kydex works great for holsters as long as long as the whole package doesn’t add too much thickness to the rig.
    They don’t care if they get wet and doesn’t collapse when the gun isn’t in it – like if you did a sneaky draw while sitting in your car. (neither does my horsehide Kramer but you can buy 5 kydex for the price of one Kramer)

  4. mikee Says:

    Back when words like “poodleshooter” were being tossed around for the first time, those words were tossed around by Jeff Cooper, founder of Gunsite, self-promoter par excellence, Pope of the Church of the 1911A1, developer of the Scout rifle concept, and author of Cooper’s Corner on the last page of Guns & Ammo magazine every month.

    Cooper it was who decried the “Era of the Common Man” wherein grenade launchers were used by infantry at 50 yards from their enemies, rather than Springfields (or just maybe Garands) at 300 yards by trained marksmen. Cooper called M-16s poodleshooters, and to him, non-45ACP handguns shot 9mm Europellets. Cooper’s entire public persona was that of an elitist working to welcome all worthy others into elitism, and to refine elitism into spectacular accomplishment.

    It isn’t that a 9mm Glock/S&W/HK/Kahr/Ruger/Taurus in Kydex holster isn’t suitable for the intended purpose, immediate self defense. It is just that there is a whole wonderful world out there full of wonderful and exceptional things, some of which when used to the utmost capability of both man and tool can perform amazingly better than what is expected and achieved by the untrained masses. A horsehide Kramer with a tuned custom 1911 in it, carried by a trained person, is an example not of “Glock perfection” but human and technological achievement, and should be recognized as such.

    The Era of the Common Man continues apace, and Common Men and Women are achieving more and more, but don’t let that stop you from striving for greatness.

  5. Tam Says:


    I’ll bet I have more hours of instruction in excellently using one of the excellent custom 1911s I own in an excellent Sparks horsehide holster than most folks…

    Nostalgia is fun, especially when you dress it up as something it’s not.

  6. mikee Says:

    I also recall all the articles in Guns & Ammo during the time Cooper’s Corner ran, wherein all the methods of making a 1911 shoot reliably were detailed, and how much that cost, and why it was necessary.

    MY Glock 19, which is worn IWB in a Comp-Tac Kydex holster, has had exactly one stoppage in 12 years, most likely due to my 11 year old daughter limp wristing it that time at the range. She never had another with that gun, and nobody else has, either.

  7. Tam Says:

    Sorry, I wanted to use the winking smiley but Unc’s software chews that up into unintelligible ASCII these days. 😉