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Carrying a Gun Does Not Justify Detention, Indiana Supreme Court Says What other civil rights could police detain you for?

3 Responses to “Good.”

  1. Robert Says:

    Would carrying a gun stupidly (i.e. just stuck loosely in your belt and no holster) justify it? Just playing Devil’s Advocate here.

  2. qmony Says:

    From the article, they cite a case saying that police can’t stop a driver to see if he has a license, citing the Fourth Amendment. Off topic but if that’s the case how are the, IMHO, illegal DUI checkpoints, still allowed? Back on topic, don’t drop your gun, and no one will know you are carrying.

  3. mikee Says:

    This is an excellent example of a good case for determination of limits on government authority and individual rights. The defendant was guilty as sin, carrying a firearm despite being a felon, and displaying the gun in a situation where a reasonable person might, justifiably might, construe possession and display of a firearm as a threat.

    But the principle issue in the case wasn’t the defendant’s actions, but rather was the question of what constitutes reasonable suspicion of a criminal act for a police detention and search.

    Had the case gone the other way, Unc’s question would be answered: All of them.