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Or at least not carry them

Some people should not own guns. The irony of the shirt.

I had a similar experience once but his shirt was more of the sheepdog/spartan/warrior something or other. It ended when he decided to argue with security personnel at a casino who were serious about their no guns policy.

2 Responses to “Or at least not carry them”

  1. TS Says:

    Yes, some people should not own guns. The problem is that some people think it’s the government’s duty to figure out who those people are.

  2. HL Says:

    I was debating carry at work with a “liberaltarian” friend of mine the other day. He generally favors concealed carry, but isn’t comfortable with it in his workplace, which is a warehouse. He said the forklift driver is overweight, and kind of clumsy, and shouldn’t be allowed to carry. I asked if he felt good about denying civil rights to certain individuals based on their being fat…he was cool with it.

    This one is a little tougher. Probably a cop.