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Chuck Schumer (D-Ranged) proposes stupid gun bill

He wants to amend the Undetectable Firearms Act to mandate all 3D printed guns have at least one primary component made from metal. As Jacob points out, it’s unenforceable. Additionally, let’s say I come up with a 3D printed gun plan and post it on the internet. Did I just break the law? And were my first amendment right violated if so?

4 Responses to “Chuck Schumer (D-Ranged) proposes stupid gun bill”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Both your first and second amendment rights would be violated. So it doesn’t matter what’s enforceable and what isn’t, or whether such laws would or would not affect crime rates one way or the other, because the law itself is a crime. We need only to enforce the laws against such crimes.

  2. Dr_Mike Says:

    I’m just saying…

    Lost PLA casting is a thing.

    You can also make a plastic “negative” mold and fill that with wax, then do lost wax casting. You know, if you want to go old school, as in like 4,000 years ago (no I didn’t look that up. It’s like +- 1,000 years)

    And there are ways to turn an old microwave oven transformer into an induction furnace… Drop soda cans in, they hover, melt, and become part of a dancing ball of metal. Put your mold under that, turn the power off, and Shazam! Blamo! Instant cast aluminum lower. I’d have to weigh a can, weigh a lower, and decide how many beers there are to an AR. Haven’t done that… yet…

    You would, of course, include a maker’s mark and serial number in that… What was Obama’s Social Security number again???? Just kidding????

  3. Sendarius Says:

    Would using one of the new metal-doped PLA filaments count?

    I’ve seen PLA filaments with 80% copper, bronze, & iron on offer on Ebay, and guaranteed to run in a $300 3D printer.

  4. Alien Says:

    IIRC, our buddies at BATFE have ruled that one can – legally – manufacture a firearm for one’s personal use without a Form 1 and the attendant hassles, but that firearm can never be transferred or legally possessed by another human (although I seem to remember bequeathment as part of an estate was allowed) unless, and until, the Form 1 Dance was satisfactorily completed.

    I suspect a prohibited person is not legally entitled to manufacture their own firearm; I wonder what other “restrictions” apply to personal manufacture.

    And, were additional provisions to be added, how would Schumer know what was built, and how?