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Speaking of journalism and guns being boring

The Paper of Making Up The Record has a bit where they poll “experts” and the electorate on what gun controls they would be happy with. Surprising no one, they discovered most people support all the gun control. As to their supposed experts:

Our expert survey asked dozens of social scientists, lawyers and public health officials how effective each of 29 policies would be in reducing firearm homicide deaths, regardless of their political feasibility or cost.

Did you think maybe try a gun or gun law expert? You know, someone who really is an expert in this field?

5 Responses to “Speaking of journalism and guns being boring”

  1. Lyle Says:

    They can never drop the Progressive model of having the pointy-heads, the “smart people” at the universities tell the rest of us, the un-washed “masses”, how to live (or else…).

    It’s as simple as that. Everything you get out of them will be based on that model, which, by the way, opposes everything the American founders had in mind.

    In short; they’re Marxists;
    “Devoid of values, embittered of those with merit, they to cling to their lattes and their Marx.”

  2. Joe Huffman Says:

    If they were attempting to measure “effectiveness” they would only ask criminologists. But they included many other “experts” who, by far, outnumbered them.

    To be fair there some legal experts who know gun law and people who have published studies that are favorable to gun ownership on their list. The panel of academics included: Cathy Barber, Magdalena Cerdá, Jay Corzine, John Donohue, Laura Dugan, Liza H. Gold, David Hemenway, David Kennedy, Louis Klarevas, Gary Kleck, David Kopel, Tomislav Kovandzic, Adam Lankford, John Lott, Jonathan Metzl, Matthew Miller, Carlisle E. Moody, Andrew Papachristos, Charles Ransford, Peter Reuter, Mark Rosenberg, Robert J. Sampson, Michael Siegel, Gary Slutkin, Robert Spitzer, Stephen P. Teret, George E. Tita, Eugene Volokh, Daniel Webster, April Zeoli and others.

  3. Joe Huffman Says:

    Here is the link: How to Prevent Gun Deaths? Where Experts and the Public Agree.

  4. Ravenwood Says:

    What does public health have to do with it? Other than rapid onset lead poisoning, do guns cause disease?

  5. RCCJr Says:

    Sure guns cause disease…hoof and mouth in the anti-gun types.