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You shouldn’t have worn that dress


Sheriff blasts gun store after burglary

It’s their fault that someone stole their guns.

7 Responses to “You shouldn’t have worn that dress”

  1. Fred Says:

    In Tennessee we the people have every ‘reasonable’ belief that nobody is going to break into our private property and steal dangerous items, including guns. Now, we have a morale responsibility that may extend beyond that, YMMV. I’m pretty sure that this sheriffs opinion, although in FL, has no bearing on the crime committed by somebody other than the store owner. But dude, get a decent security setup, not video, I mean heavy metal bars and stuff.

  2. Glenn Says:

    What I see in the video (which may be incomplete or deceptive) is that the perps busted the lock on the front door. They DO have bollards in front of the door to prevent someone driving through the door but I would say that’s a lack of security especially if you aren’t locking up your stock or keeping armed security on board 24/7.


  3. divemedic Says:

    Grady Judd is NOT a friend to gun owners. He, along with several other LEOs in Florida, broke the law in opposing changes in the law that would allow holders of carry permits to open carry. How did he break the law? They published pictures of CCW holders who looked scary (bikers, etc) and asked lawmakers “Are these the kind of people you want carrying weapons on our streets?”

    Judd is an authoritarian “only one” a-hole.

  4. JTC Says:

    This publicity whore is sheriff in the semi-rural county adjacent to mine and I guarantee his put-on countrified tough-guy mug gets more airtime than all the surrounding much more populous counties’ sheriffs combined…that right there says a lot about the grain of salt that should be taken with anything he’s got to say.

    But there is such a thing as an attractive nuisance and that shop is one…not to mention the moral aspect of being responsible for putting firepower in the hands of thugs who might come into your own store (notice Judd was concerned only with LEO’s safety), plus ask me how I know it is a royal pain in the ass dealing with local and fed reports for thefts from your gun inventory. And did they quote the store owner as saying 24/7 armed security is cheaper than a good safe or three? Huh?

  5. Precision 270 Says:

    I recently worked in a gun store that had 5-600 pistols and 2-300 rifles out on display at any given time. Then we had 3 storage rooms with at least 5 times that inventory as back up. We also had a separate warehouse with 30 times that amount of inventory.

    The building was secure.
    Concrete block (with rebar and poured reinforcement for walls
    Each door had either a tube steel cage inner door or a welded Double 1/8″ thick steel outer door. The place had 2 redundant security camera systems and an alarm system.

    To put all the guns into safes would have required a full day to load and a full day to unload.

    Criminals BROKE into the store. They can break into a gun safe too.

    Bad people (like you Sheriff Judd) do bad things. If they didn’t you wouldn’t have a job. Now go do that job and catch the bad guys and put them in jail.

  6. JTC Says:

    Precision 270,

    What your employers had (has?) is essentially a walk-in vault that many large FFL’s use in lieu of moving smaller inventories in and out of safes each day…excellent security if done right and it sounds like they did.

    Yep, pros with enough time and the right tools can get into anything (my son’s estate jewelry store was victim of the Rooftop Safe Burglars in ’09 wherein his UL TL-30 safe was breeched resulting in a 300K loss…google these guys, real deal Cuban mafia out of Miami and they got into dozens of stores and high security safes with their very organized system that gave their experienced crews hours inside stores with plasma cutters etc., not much you can do about that but add redundancy and good insurance).

    That’s not what this was, this was a low-skill smash n grab gang; they breeched one deadbolt, kicked in cases, and made off with the loot in a few minutes. Those are the kind of thefts that can definitely, easily, and relatively inexpensively be prevented…the owner there played the odds and lost, bad planning on his part and he is directly responsible for the theft and the aftermath…not to mention doubling down on the dumb by saying he can post round the clock guards for cheaper than buying some safes…even the commercial gun vaults that private collectors can buy at the big box stores would have thwarted these thug, and a few good rated safes that can be bought for a few thousand dollars will thwart all but the best scum thief professionals as noted above and as experienced by your employer.

  7. JTC Says:

    BTW, the rooftop jewelry guys don’t touch firearms (exhibiting more professional behavior)…all serial numbered and carry a big deal penalty enhancement whereas when a crew got grabbed (they had several and few got caught), they non-violently give up and are handed simple felony charges and penalties. Street thugs that grab guns and deal them on the streets get ratted out and caught more often than not, and are charged with being in possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, which I think is an automatic 20 years in FLA if I remember right. Pros that hit stores like yours mostly have a system to get them out of the state (or out of the country) and have a much better chance of getting away with their crimes.

    BTW, none of this means Judd isn’t the attention whore I stated above, odds are he’s on the Tampa tee vee station news at least once a week whether it’s guns, dope, or anything else rather than doubling down on the meth labs that are all over rural southern Polk County just ten miles up the road from me in Sebring (Highlands County) where we have just as much remote territory but a tiny fraction of the dope labs/mules and where the sheriff NEVER gets on teevee.