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I have no problem with this

Gun silencers are hard to buy. Donald Trump Jr. and silencer makers want to change that.

And, of course, the other side has to lie and call 22LR “high powered”

4 Responses to “I have no problem with this”

  1. HL Says:

    Hollywood will protest because it will lead to more cries of “bullshit!” in the theater when the movie’s bad guy attaches a can the size of a chapstick tube to a DEAGLE and secretly dusts some fucker on the front row of a funeral service.

  2. Steve Says:

    Movie silencers contain tiny black holes that eat the gasses. The pew sound is the actual sound of a black hole devouring something.

  3. TS Says:

    Can they even name one suppressed assassination to point to? I guess we all know that even if gun control saves zero lives, it’s worth it to them.

  4. Lyle Says:

    22LR is more powerful than 22 Long, and 22 Short, and CB cap, so……..I guess 22LR IS high-powered, and that the fact that 22LR is high-powered renders the second amendment nul and void then. Damn. I stepped in that one.