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Everybody has a SWAT team

52K rounds of ammo needed for the Hoover dam.

3 Responses to “Everybody has a SWAT team”

  1. Bram Says:

    Well, they are guarding Megatron.

  2. Sigivald Says:

    And Lake Mead.

    I view this as another “yawn” – and especially since I don’t see a link, there, to the other request.

    Is that 50k rounds (12k of which is shotgun shells) for several years of use, and perhaps a long-term stockpile? Do they make their agents qualify yearly or – even better – actually train to shoot a little?

    Was the 50k a maximum, rather than a guaranteed order amount?

    I see problems with this on the reporting of nearly every Federal ammunition procurement order.

    Remember that kerfuffle a year or two back about DHS ordering “millions” of rounds of ammunition, and the hyperventilating over nothing?

  3. Lyle Says:

    21 dam cops, 52k rounds of dam ammunition. Doesn’t seem like a whole lot of dam ammunition to me. What struck me is that “hollowpoint” and shotgun ammo is small arms ammo. Seems to me if you’re guarding a dam you’d want a dam Ma Duce (anti materiel) on your side. AP 50 fed from a belt is rather more effective at stopping, say, a truck or a boat, than a dam pistol, a carbine or a dam shotgun.

    I mean…that is, if you’re serious.

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