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Active Shooter Preparation

Run, hide, fight. If you read one thing today, I’d make it that.

4 Responses to “Active Shooter Preparation”

  1. Ron W Says:

    Fight? With what? Oh, bring fists to a gunfight. Maybe even an improvised weapon, but oh no, not a gun, that’s too dangerous!!

  2. Ruth Says:

    Sears actually has just that as their active shooter instructions for employees.

    1: run, get out, if you can help others get out without affecting your ability to do so then do so, but get out and THEN call 911

    2: if you can’t get out, hide, barricade yourself in an office if you can, shut off the lights, be quiet, hide

    3: if the shooter finds you before you can get out or while you’re hiding, don’t cower, don’t plead, fight. If there are others with you pig pile the shooter. FIGHT.

    I was massively impressed actually. Every other company I’ve worked for has had variations of the standard “lockdown” sort of procedure though some did a “run then lockdown”.

    Course, they still have a no weapons policy, even a 1″ pocket knife will get you fired…..

  3. Ron W Says:

    The major medical center from which I recently retired had an “active shooter” training for us that was similar, but included , as a last resort, fighting back with “improvised weapons” , but, of couse, had a no weapons policy! The training went further to give “warning signs” of a person who may be an active shooter threat, which was “the possession of weapons”, thus impugning gun owners who were employees. Of couse, they extol and promote “diversity” and “non-discrimination” and all that good stuff, but NOT when it comes to those who choose to possess the most effective weapons to defend themselves and others against a criminal perp “active shooter”. Such blatant prejudice and bigotry is incredible!!!

  4. Cargosquid Says:

    My daughter’s history teacher pointed out that she has a hammer….for…. um…. dealing with emergencies.

    On these schools shooter drills, why aren’t all the desks piled in front of the doors?

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