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BRB election results

I’m half way watching and listening to local results. Seems Campfield may have lost to a guy who may not live in the district.

5 Responses to “BRB election results”

  1. Michael Says:

    What I don’t get is how a quarter million Republicans voted to retain three left wing Supreme Court justices.

  2. wizardpc Says:

    Open primaries. It wasn’t “Republicans” it was “people who asked for a ballot for the Republican Primary.”

    Same reason we get Bill Haslam and Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker as nominees.

  3. Chris Says:

    I know, Michael, I am sick about it personally.

    We will have a Democrat Supreme Court forever and never, ever have a non-Democrat Attorney General.

  4. Geodkyt Says:

    Ah, but under state law for people with multiple residences or who travel a lot, is majority (or even plurality) residence at a particular registered address necessary? Or is it a case where, he is a resident when he is living there, even if it’s only occaisionally, since he *does* have a permanent foothold there?

  5. SD3 Says:

    Meh. The President, who may or may not be responsible for ending the war in Iraq (please check back in 5 minutes), is a citizen of at least 3, and possibly as many as 7 different countries (please check back in 10 minutes), depending upon which way the wind may or may not be blowing int the next 15 minutes.

    What’s your point?