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May 30, 2014

Shots erupt during NPR interview

In Chicago, of course.

Deal Alert

10 PMags for $80

SB-15 Update

Don’t tell Gabby.

So, finally got it done:


Parts list:


KAK buffer tube.

Aimpoint PRO

Karris guns 10.5 inch upper

Magpul sights

Magpul sling

Aero lower with JT LPK.

Another cool thing about it being a pistol is that I can keep it chambered in a vehicle. In TN, you can have a long gun in the vehicle but it cannot be chambered.

Will try to shoot it this weekend.

And if Karris guns decides to make a 7.5 inch in BLK, I’ll take it.

Judge says ATF creates crime

Glenn has a report of more questionable ATF performance, in which they create crimes to blame people for. Kind of like how the FBI always creates terrorists to catch.

Imagine how differently people would think of ATF today if they created a crime for Randy Weaver to commit.

A nice gesture

House votes to increase funding for background checks. If you put garbage in, garbage comes out. No amount of money in the world helps.

May 29, 2014

We must ban sticks

Man tries to rob bank with a stick.

Cocksauce wins!

Good. But I was kind of hoping they’d move to Texas. I’m kind of bummed that the money I spend on sriracha benefits Cali’s economy in any way.

New poster boy

The latest media darling for the gun control lobby.

Moms Demand Action lies again

Their numbers are bogus.

Clean your 22LR suppressor

Wow. That’s a lot of crud. I, too, have an Outback and the only way they (Gemtech) recommend to clean it is too blow it out with an air compressor. I may need to jailbreak my suppressor.


She asks, I answer.

When marketing people make gun ads

Flimsy nylon holster and lack of following the four rules.

Rifle beats #hashtag

Nigerian women take up guns.

Deal Alert

Complete magpul furniture kit for $85

News you can use

Water storage. I’d think one could just by a flat of bottled water or jugs of water.

Gun Porn

Guns in Ukraine

May 28, 2014

Journalism: Majority oppose gun control

At CNN a a poll shows that. In other news, a CNN poll only gets about 1,700 votes? That’s the real story.

Joe the plumber is 100% correct

He says: your dead kids donít trump my Constitutional rights

And that is absolutely correct. I think he maybe needed to market the idea better. But he probably thought he was speaking to adults.

Speaking of California

Why did their armed and prohibited persons database fail? It has, after all, screwed up some.

So, they’re going to try to polish that turd.


If you live in Prince George’s County, MD, vote for Kenn Blanchard.


National Patrol Rifle Championships

My body, my choice

You are not adult enough

On Gun Reviews

Sebastian offers thoughts on gun reviews from folks not dependent on advertisers vs. those from magazines that get guns to review from advertisers. Have a look and come back. Here’s the deal, a lot of gun reviews aren’t reviews. Unless someone takes a gun and puts thousands of rounds through it, carries it (in the case of handguns) for a while, and generally treats it like a gun with the inherent abuse that comes with that, it’s more like an initial impression and not so much a review. Quite a few sites do this and one of those is here.

So, barring a long term review, I tend to think of these articles as ideas on what fun toys to buy. For instance, long time readers of this blog recall when I was like “Hey, this AK is sweet” and then one day, I was like “I’ve decided I don’t like AKs”. Or they recall when I said that the EOTech was awesome and then, later, said it’s still awesome but it’s probably less practical and dependable than an Aimpoint.

When it comes to gun things, look at guns in which there is a lot of long term info on them, if you want to buy something that your life will depend on. If you want a fun toy whose long term reliability is still up in the air, then check out the reviews of guns that are only a few weeks or months old.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a fun toy but I treat it like that’s what it is. I still have a Glock and a M&P9. And a Colt 6920. Because I know they work pretty damn well.

Police say it was a negligent discharge

Sounds like bullshit to me.


The more likely to believe in global warming (only a model), the less likely to think GMOs (actual science, splicing genes and stuff) are a good idea. Why are they so anti-science and against feeding poor people?

In Indy this past weekend, we were in downtown when the march against Monsanto was going down. I made fun of hippies. The kids were asking what hippies were. So, I explained. The kids thought they were wasting their time.

In gun control news

Cali, who has the most and still has mass shootings, wants to try even harder to fail.

And in Chicago, a silly bill to videotape firearms transfers. What could possibly go wrong?

Gun porn

Mayn Experimental Carbine

3D Printable AR bullpup

May 27, 2014

Alan Gura has a blog

Right here. You should definitely check it out.

Guys, seriously, quit

Alan Gura once said that dumb or bad lawsuits were the only real threat in second amendment litigation. I think the other real threat is this whole open carrying rifles to local eateries nonsense. Stop this.

Mass murderers agree: Guns stop mass murderers

From the killer’s “manifesto“:

He would also avoid Deltopia, a spring break celebration that draws thousands of young people to party in Isla Vista in early April. “I saw that there were way too many cops walking around on such an event. It would be impossible to kill enough of my enemies before being dispatched by those damnable cops,” he wrote.