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Speaking of SAFE

Sloppy lawsuits make sloppy case law

One Response to “Speaking of SAFE”

  1. Paul Kisling Says:

    Up until Heller, sloppy was about all Pro-gunners really had…

    You guys forget that so quickly.

    Success was not always there nor were there lawyers ready and willing to take our cases on. The 70s-90s are proof of that. Until the advent of the Internet we were pretty well divided up and isolated. Not any more.

    It took nearly 40 years to reach Heller from the 68 gun control act, not an easy 40 years either. Does anyone here seriously think we will be done in another 40 years???

    Just because you don’t like sloppy cases does not mean you should forget that all we have today was a result of a few people, rather sloppily, keeping our cause alive when no one else would.