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Another illegal mayor

A Mayor Against Guns arrested for bribery. I’m shocked. I mean, this almost never doesn’t not happen (wait, that’s too many negatives, I think. Fuck English).

In other news, Mayors Against Guns is getting pretty efficient at scrubbing their web page.

One Response to “Another illegal mayor”

  1. Ferret Says:

    At what point do we start an opposing group that can really shoot these barrel-bound fish? Call it Gunnies Against Illegal Mayors (GAIM) and publish a roster of all criminal mayors that were expunged from the MAIG website, along with the crime(s) they are accused or convicted of.

    The way this is going, before long there will be enough material to publish something like the Most Wanted Iraqi playing card deck. Maybe it could be similar to baseball cards with the subject’s criminal history where the player stats would be.

    I’m just throwing that out there. If any creative types want to grab that ball and run with it, more power to you!