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More gun companies not selling to NY law enforcement

DoubleStar/JT Distributing (my go to folks for parts) stop selling their stuff there.

Barrett stops sales. They stopped sales and service to Cali long ago.

6 Responses to “More gun companies not selling to NY law enforcement”

  1. Wolfwood Says:

    You know, most people wouldn’t have predicted that the maker of a very niche weapon that is outside the price range of even dedicated shooters would be regarded as a credible leader in the fight to RKBA.

    Then again, when you do something well enough and without much competition, you can wind up with the upper hand against the state.

  2. Shawn Says:

    Armalite has decided to fully support the government against we the people:

  3. Tirno Says:

    There’s one thing Barrett doesn’t do well: run a load resistant web server.

    Why should he? As Wolfwood says, he’s a niche firearm manufacturer. He’s niche like Ferrari, except his stuff doesn’t spend time in the shop. His web site shouldn’t have to handle much more load than the occasional buyer and the more frequent window-shopper.

    When he does something courageous like flip NY the bird, the engines cannae handle it, Cap’n. They ha’n’t goot the pooher!

  4. Mu Says:

    I guess Armalite is betting on some form of federal ban, which would make us peons off-limits as customers anyway – no need to keep us happy. They figures then can at least keep selling to LEOs.

  5. wastme Says:

    We the people need to make sure armalight doesn’t see any of our money. Maybe they can survive on le and gov sales. I hope not.

  6. stymie222 Says:

    Add Rock River Arms to the list of will not sell !