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Broken Clock

Is right some times.Roseanne Barr:

arm the women of the world-send guns and ammo everywhere-train them to make clean headshots.

4 Responses to “Broken Clock”

  1. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Wow, I didn’t believe it until I saw it!

    Also love all the anti-rights misogynists trying (and failing) to rebuff her.

    She’s likely a prohibited person, and too crazy to be a good ally, but man its good to see more and more people getting it.

  2. Crotalus Says:

    Sure this isn’t satire on her part, or a false flag?

  3. Crotalus Says:

    Well, O.K. then. After following the Twitter feed, I guess she DOES get it.

  4. tincankilla Says:

    Frankly, i think we gun rights supporters would make a lot of headway by getting guns in the hands of feminists like Roseanne. not the fake-titty floozies that are favorites at gun ranges, but lefty, hair-legged womyn. they’d realize that guns are awesome.

    i also think we should scrap training men in afghanistan and stick with training the ladies. an AK under every burka would make that a very different country!