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Federal Weapons Law Prosecution

Ups and downs, it seems. Also, state and local prosecutions dwarf federal prosecutions.

One Response to “Federal Weapons Law Prosecution”

  1. Jim W Says:

    One thing that amuses me (I’m a FL crim law attorney, mostly felony defense work) is this conception that federal crim law stats are remotely representative of trends in crim law.

    The feds take a TINY percentage of crimes, typically the most sexy stuff that comes in. The vast majority (roughly 95 percent) of all cases in the US go through the following path:
    1) charges are filed in a state court charging a violation of a state law
    2) state PD gets the defendant as client, spends a few minutes talking to them
    3) client is guilty so they take a plea for significantly less than the statutory maximum they could get if they lost at trial.

    Out of at least 3-400 cases I’ve handled, I can remember federal involvement in a grand total of…. 1 case. In my recollection, it was a bunch of mexicans stopped for speeding and they had a car that was full up to the windows with bricks of cocaine. It was some ridiculous huge amount. Before I could even file a motion to suppress the stop, they had been taken off to the nearest federal holding facility for trial on federal coke charges. I also indirectly heard about a bank robbery w/MG case that got snatched by the feds a while back.