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And then, there were 5

Five gun companies will boycott New York and not sell to the police there. Good.

Also, will Magpul have to leave Colorado?

11 Responses to “And then, there were 5”

  1. NotClauswitz Says:

    Five for Fighting!! 🙂

  2. Sean D Sorrentino Says:

    Thanks for the link.

    I called and emailed MagPul trying to get them to join the boycott. Unfortunately they appear to be too busy making PMags to answer phones or email. If anyone happens to know how to get ahold of them, I’d love to hear a commitment to stop sales to NY govt agencies.

  3. Mike V Says:

    Good for the 5! The NRA, SAF and other organizations need to be very vocal about fighting exemptions from Cuomo’s Law for Law Enforcement (both current and retired). I say this as a serving officer with 38 years experience (I’m also an NRA Life Member and HCP Instructor). NY (and other restrive states) Law Enforcement need to realize that we’re all in this together.

  4. Mike V Says:

    Also, I wonder if Magpul could be enticed to follow Dragon Leather to beautiful TN?

  5. Publicola Says:

    Don’t start casting lots for mag-pul yet – the mag cap limit bill only made it out of committee. Friday there’ll be debate on the house floor, then Monday they’ll likely vote on it There’s a chance – not a great one but a chance – that there’s enough pro gun dems to stop it. (Apropos of nothing i have noticed the scenery in Montana is simply lovely…)

    Mag-pul likely won’t bust a move until it’s a done deal; here most laws don’t take effect until July 1rst, so they’ll have plenty of time to leave if it comes down to it, as will a lot of other folks.

  6. Disavowed With Honor Says:

    Magpul is ALWAYS welcome in TN! You can work out of my basement until you get your new digs set up. Of course there may be a small equipment surcharge for renting the space ;). I’ll take two of everything. Whatever I don’t use I’ll use as Magpul equipment give-a-ways over at my little Blog.

    Disavowed With Honor

  7. TigerStripe Says:

    Magpul is welcome here in Texas. They’d be closer to Larue so they could work together on more projects.


  8. teke Says:

    I am very proud of these companies.

    I am hoping that we will see DPMS, Bushmaster, and S&W following suit soon.

  9. Paul Says:

    Damn. I wanted to move to Colorado this year too.

  10. Billll Says:

    Move to CO if you think it will help, but right now we’re a pretty solidly blue state. That could change in ’14, but that’s 2 years away.

    The committee promised Magpul a special carve out so they wouldn’t leave, as long as they don’t let the natives get their mags. Most impressive display of butt-kissing I’ve ever seen. Last I looked, the carve out is still not there.

    I’m sure Rick Perry is waiting for them to return his call.

  11. TigerStripe Says:

    Teke, I got the following from DPMS;

    DPMS HF241 Testimony

    Please watch as Adam Ballard, Product Manager for DPMS home to 115 employees, 37 of us who are veterans , testifies in front of the Minnesota Public Safety and Policy Committee against HF421; a bill designed to ban modern sporting rifles (so-called “assault weapons”).

    This bill would close our doors, put a great number of hard-working Americans out of work and infringe upon the rights of millions of lawful gun owners in Minnesota.

    Your voice and support is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time and your business
    The DPMS Team

    Billll, I hope so.


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