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No blog for you

Despite my attempts at reviving my give a damn with bourbon and some Mexican food, I just ain’t got it. I think it’s busted. So, talk amongst yourselves, I’m taking the day off.

17 Responses to “No blog for you”

  1. John Richardson Says:

    It was probably the new watered down Maker’s Mark you were drinking.

  2. Sebastian Says:

    My plan for tonight is remarkably similar to yours.

  3. Publicola Says:

    I’m watching hearings. Universal background checks & mag cap limits here (details of them both at my place, cause I plug shamelessly ya know). UBG passed out of committee (actually to another committee) party line vote. Mag bill hearing now.

    Magpul was there – said they’d relocate their $400 million biz & hundreds of employees if this passed. Dems tripped over tongues trying to lie to them to convince them to stay, kept saying they could still sell to .gov’s, even though they made clear 50% to 70% of their biz was just honest folk. In the end Magpul said they’d leave if citizens can’t have standard capacity – & they kept saying standard capacity, ignoring high capacity to describe their products. If they start making Garand clips imma buy some from ’em, just cause 😀

    Abysmal anti gun owner witnesses though. ex revenuer (atfeieio) actually said he was an “operator” as he supported both bill. Some as name of Chipman. Had the sis of one of the murdered sandy hook teachers, columbine survivors, etc. Course Mauser was there, with his son’s shoes. Chiefs for the bills, sheriffs against, etc. bill sponsors seem a bit condescending, almost like they forgot they public servants. Imagine that…

    Draining though. watching this bs. & if I need a drink my maker’s mark may be watered down now – talk about a give a damn busted? hell, mine’s awol…

  4. Critter Says:

    is Dorner dead yet?

  5. Yoshi Says:

    I’m sitting at work passing time on ENDO. Can’t wait to get home and finish sanding my Dresden staff!

    CCW in Illinois is coming.

  6. TigerStripe Says:

    My give a damn is here, my will to do anything right now is not.

    is Dorner dead yet?

    Last I heard was tear gas and flames at the cabin.


  7. guy Says:

    How well does bourbon go with Mexican food? My taste buds threw up a ‘skittles and peanut butter’ warning.

  8. Kristophr Says:

    Critter: It looks like Officer Willy Pete took him out.

  9. DonkeyShow Says:

    wrong tactical grenade.

  10. Jeff from DC Says:

    Obama promised pizza every day for lunch, no school on Fridays, and two hour recess…everyday.

  11. Matt in AZ Says:

    This particular attitude has suited me fine for decades. I suggest that a margarita, on the rocks with salt on the rim, would make a better pairing with Mexican food. The key is finding a glass large enough…

    On a lighter note, did anyone actually watch the State of the Union? I didn’t and I usually do, prolly knew I wouldn’t like what the President had to say.

  12. Reno Sepulveda Says:

    I wish I had one of those split screen TVs. As it stood, I could only watch one angry black Democrat at a time

  13. G.O.L.D. Says:

    In New Mexico, no commitment to gun control that would affect bad guys: “People who steal firearms or who carry them while running from the law would face more jail time under a bill moved forward Tuesday – but (a) representative of the Public Defender Department and others told the committee they worry that the bill will send more people to trial, increasing the cost to the criminal justice system.”

    GOP darling Gov. Susana Martinez (often mentioned as a future VP pick) is down with universal background check:

  14. BobG Says:

    Tequila or beer goes better with Mexican food.
    Just sayin’…

  15. Phenicks Says:

    Here take these two FUKITAL, and call me in the morning.

  16. Magus Says:

    … meaningless chatter in response to lack-a-blog …

  17. Matt in AZ Says:

    “one angry black Democrat at a time”…. that is either correct or really funny and I hope to God it never happens again.