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In the mail

Bug A Salt sent me a Bug A Salt:

And I am bugless

And I am bugless

Being February and all, the number of bugs to shoot is about zero. When I get some bugs, I’ll let you know how it does.

24 Responses to “In the mail”

  1. Siergen Says:

    Those look like they have high-capacity salt magazines. That means both the gun-grabbers and low-sodium police with be after you…

  2. USCitizen Says:

    You got one! Excellent.

    Range report expected.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    No, I got two. Pay attention 🙂

  4. blounttruth Says:

    When your on my end of town stop by and I’ll take care of ammo, I have a kennel of stink bugs that we have been battling for going on 2 seasons. Ill turn off the heat and even make makeshift tree stands at the top of the stairs…lol

    Perty cool, I think I’ll have to have one for this spring/summer….

  5. ZerCool Says:

    Word of advice: do not test this on bare skin at close range. It hurts.

  6. savethegun Says:

    I love mine! Try not to shoot anyone in the eye, though- it stings.

  7. Pop N Fresh Says:

    at 5 yards the salt to the eyes would disable an intruder, just saying

  8. N.U.G.U.N. Blog Says:

    We still have TONS of stink bugs…

  9. R Says:

    Just in case you needed to conduct some “research” many pet stores sell crickets that are intended for feeding various exotic animals. You would just have to figure out an appropriate place to release them.

    I can imagine an afternoon playing cricket could be amusing. Just think you and your buddies could dress up in white sweaters, drink tea, have finger sandwiches …

  10. Incurvatus Says:

    Can you load it with Kosher 000 buckshot?

  11. wasntme Says:

    Pistol grip and comp too. Your gonna have to register those ya know. And we better not hear about any automatic fire.

  12. Steve Ramsey Says:

    Don’t let your kids get seen with one, they will get kicked out of school faster than you can say “some people actually NEED adult diapers”.

  13. RWC Says:

    Those french fries are looking awfully mischievous.



  14. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Yo, Dog, I heard you liked salt, so I gots you some guns for your salt up in this piece.

  15. Oregon Dude Says:

    ZerCool… and how do you know this?

  16. Dana Says:

    Got two and gave one to my father in Florida. Brought it to group camping trip and death was unleashed on the flying insect world. Big hit. Will be hearing from PETA and the Brady campaign soon.

  17. Blake Says:

    Two guns = The Great SayUncle Bug A Salt Giveaway.

  18. Harry Sucio Says:

    Also if you shoot a 5 year old in the leg with one of these she will cry.

    Big houseflies are hard to to kill – it takes me one shot to drop them, then a close in kill shot. Crickets and yellowjackets just explode.

  19. NotClauswitz Says:

    We don’t got no bugs either, not even in the summer. It’s like a bug-desert here.

  20. Bug-A-Salt Says:

    Dear SayUncle,
    Thank you so much for your post! Too bad about it being off-season for fly-hunting, but come summer you will be ready to go and those flies won’t know what hit ’em! 🙂

    Anyone who is interested can order the Bug-A-Salt online at or call the Lorenzo Hotline (310)392-3288 to place a phone order.

    The Bug-A-Salt Team

  21. Jerry Says:

    A little pepper and lemon really helps the taste.

  22. MJM Says:

    I know a 5-year old who is NOT getting one of these. I know a 60-year old who is.
    The name is hilarious.
    I cannot wait to go after the carpenter bees this spring. I’ve been using a tennis racket!

  23. Kasper Says:

    Is that banned in New York, Mass, and California?

  24. Robert Says:

    Unfortunately, made in “you-know-where”.