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Call your Representatives

Sebastian reads the tea leaves and doesn’t like what he sees. Seems the NRA’s language is one where the fight isn’t going that well. So, call them.

Personally, I think we’ll see a push for the universal background checks and those may see the light of day. And, perhaps, a magazine capacity limit will too. Everything else, not so much. But we need to make our voices heard on all these issues.

Especially since the house Republicans may go wobbly on gun control. Sounds like a good way to lose elections to me.

3 Responses to “Call your Representatives”

  1. ATLien Says:

    Fuck losing elections. They need to lose more than that when they throw constitutional rights under the bus.

  2. P.M. Says:

    Defeatist horseshit. Do we control the House of Representatives or don’t we? Sebastian’s site has become largely unreadable with the counterproductive, emotional Eeyorism; don’t you go there too, Unc.

    A renewed magazine ban in particular, it should be understood, would be the end of the national Republican Party. A generation in the wilderness. If they don’t protect us on this issue there is absolutely no reason to give a crap about electing them to Congress. I will stop voting and donating with a clear conscience; wouldn’t be a close call. Have fun finding a new base.

    They had BETTER stop everything, except maybe a little tinkering around the edges (record-sharing b/w states and feds, like that). And it is reasonable for us to work for that outcome.

  3. TigerStripe Says:

    P.M.- They have to hear that from us for them to know that they won’t be able to win any political race. If we don’t tell them, they’ll assume they will still have our vote regardless of their vote.