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Obama has a peace prize

DOJ rules on when it’s OK to kill Americans. Water-boarding, no. Killing them with aerial drones, yes.

3 Responses to “Obama has a peace prize”

  1. wildbill Says:

    Don’t forget that odumbo got the GPS location of everyone’s front door during the 2010 Census. Now we know why he wanted it. Criticize the king at your own risk.

  2. Mike Says:

    Is OK: the President is a Democrat.

    NPR told me so. Speaking of which, I was listening to NPRavda last night, and they were breathlessly reporting on this. First, they brought out an ACLU hack who reported her dismay at the memo. Then (and this must have galled them in the studio), they got a hold of a Bush-era DOJ attorney who said it’s perfectly legit and nothing to worry about. Everybody then sighed with relief.

    They really are twisting hard to defend the Prez on this one.

  3. snoopycomputer Says:

    “Cold Dead Hands” seems a bit outdated now.
    Apparently today it’s: “They’ll snap off what’s left of your gun from your crispy charred skeleton.”

    Remember to inform people on ‘the other side’ the litmus test for power in the current administration: “Just imagine what president Pailin could do with authority like that!”