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Cool idea

NRA creating a 3-Gun focus on .22s and AirSoft for your local clubs and ranges. Indoor 3 gun for the win!

7 Responses to “Cool idea”

  1. Linoge Says:

    My only complaint with that is that airsoft shotguns largely… are not. Grenade launchers are amusingly more like shotguns in airsoft, with no real analogue to grenade launchers actually existing (that I have seen yet).

  2. Lars Says:

    You are largely correct about the AirSoft shotguns. We’ll take a look at the grenade launchers … see if that makes more sense on the operational side of things.

  3. IanK Says:

    Common airsoft shotguns often shoot only a single bb and those spring powered models that shoot 3 also treat shells as abstracted magazines that are loaded one at a time and are good for 3 shots or so.

    Gas operated shotguns are definitely the way to go, the easiest available model: does not use shells of any description but fires 3 bbs per shot.

    Harder to find models such as this: load and eject from shells capable of firing 5 bbs per shot. However, most likely need to be ordered from overseas.

    The issue is that anything that ejects shells is a very tough sell to most airsoft players. A big draw to the game is cheap expendable ammo and affordable, reusable, high capacity magazines. It’s difficult to make sure you find and pick up ejected shells during limited down times, in large fields, or when other players are shooting at/around you.

  4. Linoge Says:

    If you need any help, Lars, feel free to ping me (linoge (at) wallsofthecity (dot) net). I am far from an airsoft master, but it has been an amusing diversion of late, what with ammo prices the way they are.

  5. Joe Says:

    This would be a cool idea if it came at a time when our rights were not under attack. My first thought was “Compromise?” I want the real deal, not Airsoft and .22s.

  6. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Its a cool idea because of the current situation. We already have 3-gun but for a host of reasons not relating to anti-gun action, principally cost, a large portion of potential shooters cant participate.

    This opens it up to more people, legitimizing the sport and the gun variants used. Folks can get in for cheap and move to the real deal if so inclined. Meanwhile, running around with “scary black rifles” seems less odd and scary to more people. They see it is a sport, not wanna-be militia training or such nonsense anti-gun demonizations.

  7. Linoge Says:

    I could be wrong, but I do not think anyone is saying “do this instead of ‘real’ 3-gun”, but rather, “do this in addition to ‘real’ 3-gun”.

    On the one hand, it lets you compete indoors, and not everyone enjoys standing around in the muck and rain. On the other hand, it greatly increases the number of ranges that could host any kind of 3-gun-ish event. And, on the gripping hand, it opens up the sport to folks who are too young to own “real steel” firearms, or folks who are uncertain about getting into the sport or firearms as a whole.

    Since I have gotten into it, I have realized that we have been shooting ourselves in the foot by disdaining the airsoft crowd… yes, there are a lot of “mall ninja” types out there, but there are also the kids who will grow up playing with their fully-automatic airsoft rifles and then be very annoyed when they find out they cannot buy the real thing when they get old enough. Annoyance like that will only help us in the end.