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Tar and feathers

In Ohio, police arrest a man for posing with his child and a BB gun on facebook.

5 Responses to “Tar and feathers”

  1. Calvin Says:

    “Dykes claims that it was the baby’s maternal grandmother who saw the photo and called the police.” Old crank!

  2. BornLib Says:

    Another article here:

    This one says it was his ex-wife who called it in. Also, this article has the photo.

  3. TigerStripe Says:

    If Facebook had existed my parents would be under the jail. I don’t care who called it in, it’s BS…


  4. Captain Holly Says:

    Somehow I get the impression if Mr. Gaines had been a white middle-class professional this incident would have turned out much differently.

    You know, the David Gregory “If I Were A Black Teenager I’d Be In Jail” phenomenon.

  5. Jeff Powell Says:

    Arrest Him!!!,1241102017,2/stock-photo-father-and-son-with-gun-29486242.jpg&imgrefurl=