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Camping out to buy guns

It’s like concert tickets:

A new rifle shipment immediately sold out at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Albuquerque Thursday.

Some people had waited in line since Wednesday evening for the new AR-15-style rifles.

7 Responses to “Camping out to buy guns”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Uh, and Feinstein wants to go up against THAT Resolve?

    Someone better put her in a Straight Jacket, because she is obviously Delusional!

  2. Incurvatus Says:

    I’m hoping somebody goes back and noodle whips all those people who breathlessly reported, “ZOMG!!!!1!1! WALMARTs are not selling ammo any moars!!” Not only did I notice boxes of 9 and fotay, my clerk eagerly pointed out they receive shipments every couple days, ‘which sell very quickly.’ Disinformation is propaganda too.

  3. G.O.L.D. Says:

    I was at that store yesterday, but it must have been after the frenzy. Dudes were just kind of milling around looking at the depleted stock in the ammo and gun products department, circling around two or three times to make sure the items they wanted really were out of stock. No 9mm or .22 LR ammo.

  4. Skip Says:

    Wally had some ammo yesterday. I picked up some 12ga AA trap loads, four boxes of 9 (commie east block?), and a 100rd box of .45acp.
    NO .22lr, or any rifle stuff.

  5. TigerStripe Says:

    No ammo around here except common (rifle)hunting calibers and not as common handgun calibers such as .357 Sig.


  6. Stan Says:

    People have tried to bribe the sporting goods manager at my Walmart. He said one offered him 300$ either to hold a rifle or ammo, not sure which. Others have offered to give their credit card info over the phone to hold one as well.

  7. SteveA Says:

    All of the walmarts in 30 miles of me have a sign up limiting ammo to 3 boxes per person per day. However if you go early in the morning than afternoon and after midnight the 3 shifts don’t keep a list 🙂