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Not helping

Three negligent discharges on Gun Appreciation Day. Remember, guys, follow the rules.

9 Responses to “Not helping”

  1. Chas Says:

    As I posted on Bob Owens site:

    Guns aren’t as safe as hand grenades, because you can always keep a hand grenade pointed in a safe direction. Did I get that right?

    Regardless of the complexity of the action, muzzle control isn’t rocket science. Just keep it pointed in the safest direction, and keep it pointed that way, and keep it pointed that way. A gun fires in only one direction. It’s really not that hard to keep it safe. Hand grenade safety is more challenging.

  2. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Note all took place during clearing or loading.

    Rule 1: Stop touching it.

    Two, if I recall correctly, occured in a show. Guns that are going to be sold should not be loaded in the morning nor carried.

    The third was a guy loading up -leaving- a show. In that case the mandatory unloading of carried guns, to prevent the first couple incidents, contributed.

    If folks wouldn’t be such dumbasses as to wear a gun to a show they have any interest in selling, and would clear guns they were going to sell before leaving the house, then the shows wouldn’t need to have folks unload carried guns at the door. Preventing reloading mistakes on exit.

    Given folks continue to violate number 1, we can’t blame the shows, as always it’s dumbass gunowners who end up doing us all harm.

  3. Crotalus Says:

    Just heard about a shooting in New Mexico with–what else? an AR15! looks like the goobermint hasn’t stopped using black ops, for there are suddenly WAY too many shootings of late.

  4. TigerStripe Says:

    There are probably more NDs/ADs at shows that haven’t been covered in the past. The media will now cover any ND/AD that occurs at a show seeing that they have Newtown to use as a backdrop. Same thing with shootings.

    I would bet that there are quite a few new gun owners in and around shows since Obama has caused the biggest jump in firearm sales that I know of in recorded history.


  5. Bryan S. Says:

    the third one sounds goofy-
    “One man was shot during the Medina Gun Show in Ohio when a gun dealer took a semi-automatic pistol he had just purchased out of the box. As he removed the gun, he accidently pulled the trigger. Although he had removed the magazine from the gun, he did not see that there was a round in the chamber. The gun fired and the bullet struck the floor, ricocheting and striking a man in the leg and arm. The shooting victim was transported to a hospital outside of Cleveland by helicopter.
    Medina Police Chief, Pat Berarducci, told that the security strap used to secure the trigger was improperly attached, allowing the gun to be fired.”

    Ive heard of anti’s going to shows and putting ammo in guns to help cause stuff like this. Smell anything fishy there?

  6. Kristophr Says:

    If you are going to insist on unloading weapons going into a gunshow, have a discharge barrel handy.

    Eventually, someone will put a round in the barrel.

  7. comatus Says:

    Once is happenstance. Same applies to sudden surge in “assault weapon” random shootings. This is sea bass.

    I have a clearing barrel. Pro-tip?: does not play well with stray cats. I don’t mind “frightening” guests, but try to avoid visceral offense. Place away from formal entryway.

  8. Matthew Carberry Says:

    There are always incidents at gun shows. Somewhere in teh US every weekend is a gun show attended by hundreds or thousands of folks. Given teh required handling there is always a negligent discharge somewhere. The odd thing would be a weekend without one given teh numbers involved.

    The press just doesn’t give them national coverage unless its a slow news day or gun control is in the news.

    Given our side was having “gun appreciation day”, these normal events by stupid people gave them a hook to imply that “responsible gun owners” aren’t, even on “their day.”

    No conspiracy or enemy action, just narrative support using actual events.

  9. Thomas F Says:

    All those AD/ND, and yet the entire nation could not catch up to good ole gun free Chicago with 2 dead and 6 wounded this weekend.

    Go figure.