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I’ll be shopping more at Cabela’s

From their facebook page:

Due to recent changes made by Reed Exhibitions regarding the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, Cabela’s will no longer sponsor this year’s event. After careful consideration regarding Cabela’s business practices, and the feelings of our customers, Cabela’s will, unfortunately, not have a presence at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show.

Good for them.

13 Responses to “I’ll be shopping more at Cabela’s”

  1. Chas Says:

    Cabela’s aren’t Dick’s.

  2. John Richardson Says:

    They’ll be opening a store in Bristol, VA/TN next spring. Just sayin’…

  3. bluesun Says:

    Just made an order… I admit that you pushed me over the edge.

  4. JD Rush Says:

    I too will throw some business their way. Even if it is to buy some small gun related item, seeing that most places are sold out of everything I want.

  5. Bill Says:

    They just earned my business.

  6. MAJMike Says:

    I just some some unnecessary stuff online. They’ve received a significant amount of my money over the years.

  7. JFT Says:

    I was at the Rapid City, SD store today. I’ve NEVER seen the pistol cases with wide swaths of empty space before. They were well stocked even just a few weeks ago. The only Glocks were police trade-ins. No J-frames. Only one rack of used long guns (there’s usually 2). So I settled for a cruiser barrel for the 870 and the last bulk can of .38, I had to show support immediately.

  8. Chas Says:

    Can I get a nice, appropriate sized 20-round mag for my AR? Oh, not in New York. The 20-round mags I got in 1988 with my Colt HBAR have to be sold out of state within a year, after Cuomo, rapist thug that he is, rammed through a ban on over 7-round mags with no public debate or comment – the constitutionally required, 3 day wait on a final vote was waived with a “Message of Necessity” to ban rifles that had been on the market since 1963, as if it were an emergency. I am to become a criminal for owning magazines that I have lawfully owned for over 20 years? Governor Cuomo is insane in his words and his deeds. He should be removed from office immediately. He has demonstrated gross disrespect for the Constitutions of both New York, and the United States.
    No one needs ten rounds to kill a deer? What kind of ignorant, uneducated, imbecile would say that about the Second Amendment?

  9. Bill Says:


    The kind who wants to make sure you don’t have ten rounds to fire at him.

  10. Mike Says:

    Cabela’s also canceled two of my ammo orders in a row, each after several days, each without explanation other than that the ammo that was in stock now is not. How do you mess that up?

  11. ATLien Says:

    Chas, didn’t you lose those mags in a canoeing accident?

  12. wasntme Says:

    @chas – I’m with you dude. Someone should do a commercial of him split screen ranting and raving on one side, and hitler doing the same thing on the other. It would scare little kids.

    @mike – It’s messed up but that’s the way it is everywhere. Here’s messed up too, I placed an order on Dec 21 with Reeds Sporting Goods for a handgun. I called and they said yes, we have it, it will ship next week. Ok great. Sit back and start waiting, in the mean time I’m watching everything sell out, and I’m waiting. And no gun. I call them and they say my order got lost and they don’t have the gun anymore, and neither does anyone else.

  13. j. c. baber Says:

    Although i think Cabelas has gotten too big as they consumed my favorite mail order store Herters,,there catalogue was like a wish book for me,,,i like them and they have proven to be good people to do business with and i have found some ammo last week that i couldn’t find elsewhere..They also refund if there is a problem..So i applaud them for there stand..HA HA i wish they would get too big in my south texas town,,there is a perfect abanconed Walmart building just wasting away..Also a lot of us take pride in a one shot kill whether the critter be 4 legged or 2 legged and true you only need 1 shot but an extra 9 rounds could be handy or necessary should a bad situation rise up in the wild or elsewhere,things are not always cut and dried!!!