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And no one shot

Man carries AR-15 in JCPenny store. Not a good way to win converts.

9 Responses to “And no one shot”

  1. Wolfman Says:

    In related news, a man openly carries a Ruger SR40 in a suburban Target store, and nobody even notices. Now excuse me, I have to go out this stuff away.

  2. Kang Says:

    I find the ”CORRECTION” paragraph to be, quite frankly, very shocking. I am amazed that the paper published such facts.


  3. Matthew Carberry Says:

    If he doesn’t carry that rifle everywhere else he goes, every day of the week, he was being a counterproductive attention whore moron who does more harm to open carriers in his area than a dozen of the ignorant panty wetter cited in the article.

    If he does carry it everywhere, he’s just a moron who needs to learn not to defecate where he eats.

    Lord save me from my friends, my enemies I can handle.

  4. DocMerlin Says:

    He’s not trying to win converts. He’s trying to normalize rifles.

    This is no different than the open carry pistol guys who walk around with their pistols, trying to normalize that.

    Its no different than blacks sitting in diners where they were not legally allowed.

    I support him and hope rifle carrying becomes a “no big woop” event.

  5. Tango Says:

    This happened in the JCP near me. not QUITE my city, but about 4 blocks out of city limits. The man informed the cops beforehand that he would be OCing and then kept it cross-body behind him the entire time.

  6. Tango Says:

    Oh yeah… and he OCs that rifle more than just this one time.

  7. SPQR Says:

    We need to be more concerned about gaining converts right now.

  8. Matthew Carberry Says:

    I disagree that OC-ing a rifle in the US, even in gun friendly areas, is “no different” than OC-ing a pistol, particularly while shopping in an urban-ish area, and I think the timing is incredibly boneheaded.

    Right now we need to be gaining converts or encouraging neutrality among th undecided/non-activist, not pushing boundaries. Particularly in places where the right to OC isn’t under direct attack.

    Let’s work on normalizing carriers as people who make prudent decisions, not stand on their absolute rights when those particular rights aren’t under direct attack.

    A little tactics.

  9. TigerStripe Says:

    I’m pro open carry but I believe this guy definitely picked the wrong time to carry his AR. Probably the wrong place as well.

    I’m astounded the correction part ever made it online…