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First NY gun law lawsuit

Underway by NRA and the NYSRPA. They could use some support.

6 Responses to “First NY gun law lawsuit”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Good! Since the SAF seems to be Buried with Court Work, I’m glad that the NRA has decided to not just file a “Friend of the Court Brief” and actually take the lead for a change.

    BTW, notice how Wayne LaPierre has been Conspicuous by his Absence over the last Week, and has let Keene be the Spokesperson? Wonder if something happened behind the scenes at NRA Headquarters the last few days?

  2. Anon Says:

    YES. My week just got a lil’ better
    As long as LaPierre stops alienating the next generation of gun owners (those who are introduced via games) This and be a very good time for us, Esp. here in NY.

    Lets hope.

  3. P.M. Says:

    Yeah, nothing against Wayne, but he’s not the right voice for this struggle.

    Where the heck is Sandy Froman? Suzanna Hupp?

  4. Chas Says:

    I was at the rally in Albany in the park behind the state capitol today for a while. New York very much feels like it’s now ruled by the old East German SED, the Socialist Unity Party.
    Here’s the old SED anthem, “The Party is Always Right”. Sets my American teeth on edge. Those socialist women do not sound pretty:

    Assemblyman Steve Katz said he’s not coming up to Albany from downstate and leaving his wife with the kids and only 7 rounds in the magazine.
    The Mayor of Gloversville said his PD is not going to be enforcing the law because he’s not putting his people in harm’s way over it.
    I work nearby and I’ve never seen so many people in the park. It was packed, and everyone was very motivated. Lots of Gadsden flags, American flags though only one upside down, and lots of signs, mostly home made. I’ve never seen a protest sign attached to broken off pieces of tree branch before. Talk about homespun. That weren’t no Astroturf! When you see that, you know it’s from the heart. Grassroots with the dirt still on ’em. BOOYAH!

  5. TigerStripe Says:

    Chas, are the mayor’s people only his police or are the rest of the militia (the people, peasants) included?


  6. B Dubya Says:

    Jesus, I hate joinin’ shit, but I did join NYSPRA this morning and I will be joining the NRA today as well.

    Lawfare first, then we’ll see.

    Don’t ever forget. At some point in the day, doing what you normally do as a free citizen, you are in violoation of one or more federal statutes and at least that many state laws. We are all felons on this bus.