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The Journal News Caves

It apparently took two burglaries of the homes of people whose addresses they published (who are no doubt going to sue them) and a package of dookie to be mailed to them. But they pulled their list.

I still hope they get sued and this costs them millions.

9 Responses to “The Journal News Caves”

  1. USCitizen Says:

    Sue them into oblivion and let them serve as an example for others to avoid.

  2. NotClauswitz Says:

    Sue them back to a Gutenberg hand-press and put their flayed skin on the fence-line like a coyote pelt.

  3. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    Quote: “A pang of conscience after not one but two homes listed on the map were burglarized, possibly with an eye to finding guns inside? Of course not. The new New York gun law that just passed includes a provision, as a sop to gun-rights supporters, allowing gun owners to restrict public access to their information going forward.”

  4. Old NFO Says:

    Yep, at least two suits so far, and how many more coming???

  5. Bill Says:

    So they’re afraid of lawsuits, but not the possible loss of life or injury to others? Good to know what their priorities are.

  6. DJMoore Says:

    They never said, We did wrong and we’re sorry.

    “You pick a side, you’re in for the ride.”

    They are helped call down civil war on the land that feeds them.

    They can burn with the rest of us.

  7. Michael Curtis Says:

    Janet Hasson publisher of Journal News lives at 3 Gatehouse Lane, Mamaroneck NY phone 914-694-5204.

  8. HardCorp Says:

    Never comply, never give out personal information, never register. Anonymity is freedom.

  9. rickn8or Says:

    Hope the lawsuits pay enough for the plaintiffs to buy the Journal News, fire every one employed there and shut it down.

    Then sell all the equipment on E-Bay.