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Press catches up to blogs

This story was on the blogs yesterday but now the press notices that NY’s new gun laws don’t have police exemptions.

4 Responses to “Press catches up to blogs”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Something just hit me. Are there Exemptions for all the State Politicians who just might have some of those Evil High Capacity Magazines with more than 7 rounds in them in the Glocks in their Night Stands? If not, then they should ALL be Arrested Immediately! How DARE they threaten the lives of New York’s Children!

  2. TicTac Says:

    Why should there be a police exemption? I’ve always wondered about this in the past. If these laws are going to be so damn effective, the police won’t have any need of the banned items either!

    Maybe they’re just real confident that it’s going to work… this time .

  3. MrSatyre Says:

    Thank Jeebuz that the police are trustworthy and would never commit a crime! Oh, wait…

  4. oldgeezer Says:

    How about the Nat’l Guard and the regular military? Are they exempt? The biathalon team at Lake Placid Training center need and exemption too. Pretty soon, it’ll be like Obamacare where friends of the king get exemptions but us peons are on our own.