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Walmart is not getting out of the business of selling ammo

So calm the fuck down. Careful passing on rumors.

4 Responses to “Walmart is not getting out of the business of selling ammo”

  1. Sid Says:

    While we are killing untrue rumors, I am not Daniel Craig’s stunt double. I am his body double for sex scenes.

  2. Mike Says:

    Actually, I’m glad this false rumor was disseminated. Why, you ask?

    The reaction to the rumor was so overwhelming that if the Obama Administration was to “suggest” to Wal-Mart that they should get out of the ammo business, Wal-Mart can now confidently say: “And get f***ed up the ass by our customers like the last time this idea was floated? Piss Off!”

    It’s a type of inoculation — Wal-Mart has received pre-notice of the consequences should they decide to play ball with the Admin on this specific issue.

  3. UTLaw Says:

    I just received a return call from my local Wal-Mart regarding my attempts to verify this story.

    The manager didn’t stop at a denial of any cutoff, he also went so far as to explain how the story got started.

    Apparently, since the distribution centers have been having so much trouble getting ammo, they’ve told the stores not to place orders in the system for customers and thus clog the system. Instead, they are trying to buy all the ammo they can and promising to divide it up evenly among the stores.

  4. Chas Says:

    Here in upstate NY, my local Walmart has a very poor ammo selection, despite plenty of room in the display case. It’s usually only about half filled. About what you’d expect in a people’s republic gun shop that didn’t really want to sell ammo. I suppose they have an agreement with one or more anti-gun politicians in the state or county, we have plenty of them.
    Walmart also requires a pistol license to be shown to buy pistol ammo, despite the fact that a license is only necessary to have pistol ammo in NYC. People without pistol licenses do have carbines that shoot pistol ammo, but Walmart won’t sell them ammo. None of that prevents the shootings in those inner city areas where all the shootings occur.
    They also don’t sell any firearms in their gun section. My local Walmart is like a communist gun shop. I don’t buy from them.