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National conversation on guns

NRA adds 250,000 members in one month

11 Responses to “National conversation on guns”

  1. bluesun Says:

    Still nothing —nothing!— compared to the 400,000 added by MAIG, amiright?

  2. MJM Says:

    Let’s see if we can pick up the pace.

  3. David W. Says:

    I haven’t joined the NRA yet. I plan on doing it in 4 days on the 19th.

    I might spring the extra monies to sign up my mom, dad, and brother.

    Who knows, we might get like 100,000 other people to do the same on the same day.

    And the 400,000 people added by MAIG is just a petition. If MAIG required 25-35 bucks to join I bet it would be more like 1,000 people.

  4. jay Says:

    david, are there people planning to do mass signups on the 19th? i was thinking about giving memberships to a few friends, and i’d happily wait till the 19th if there are plans afoot.

  5. David W. Says:


    Nah, it just seems like the right thing to do. A lot of people can’t make it to their state capitals so they are going to gun ranges, gun shows, and gun shops, so I figured that it would be better if all of us who like guns and gun rights signed up on the 19th as an added oomph to the NRA on one day. If they get 250k in a month, imagine 100k in a day.

  6. David W. Says:


    >_> I didn’t mean “Nah” as in no one but me is doing it, but “Nah” as “I don’t know” I think I read it on a blog somewhere and I plan on doing it cause it sounds good.

  7. Damon O. Says:

    Huffpo today had some ridiculous article trying to downplay the surge in NRA membership. Suggested that the main reason for the increase is only because the NRA is offering “HUGE” discounts on memberships since Sandy Hook (and by “HUGE” discounts I think they mean the normal discount offers that I see ALL the time).

    Furthermore, why do they care if a person joined because of a discount. They’re still making a conscious decision and paying money out of their pocket. I could think of a whole bunch of causes supported by Huffpo readers that have to rely of taxpayer subsidies cuz nobody would pay a nickel to be a member.

  8. Ron W Says:

    It’s still incredibly outrageous that we have to put up with liars and criminals in our government. If at least most politicians kept their word and oath to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, there would be no problem with this issue.

  9. MJM Says:

    I bought life memberships for my kids, years ago. More than I wanted to pay in one payment, and stretched out so long that each payment was not a problem. 1-877-NRA-2000 for the latest pricing.

  10. Ted N Says:

    Signing up my wife and I this weekend.

  11. Ron W Says:

    I’m renewing my GOA membership…all the gun rights groups need to pull together. Second Amendment Foundation’s (SAF) Alan Gottlieb recently challenged Obama, and other anti-gun officials to “disarm and lead by example.” We need to start demanding, like Obama says, that we “all play by the same rules”. Keep throwing their own stuff at them till the shut up and crawl back in their holes with hired guns around them!!!